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The Silent Sales Assassin: Is Your QR Code Undermining Your Marketing Efforts? Uncover a Better Way

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Revolutionizing QR Codes

In the fast-paced, competitive world of marketing, every detail counts – especially when it comes to engaging potential customers.

But have you ever considered that the very tool you thought would boost your marketing might be silently sabotaging your hard-earned efforts?

Yes, we’re talking about QR codes.

While they might seem like a cutting-edge solution to capture customer interest, they could be undermining your marketing strategy in ways you never imagined.

Fear not, for there is a better way – a game-changing approach that can turn the tables and unleash the full potential of your marketing campaigns.


Keep reading as we uncover the secret to revamping your marketing and catapulting your sales to new heights.

The Downside of Traditional QR Codes

The problem with traditional QR codes lies not in the technology itself but rather in how they are being utilized. Typically, businesses use QR codes to direct customers to a specific webpage. However, this approach often fails to account for the distinct behavior of mobile users, who generally spend less time on websites and have lower conversion rates compared to desktop users. In fact, a study by BroadbandSearch found that mobile users’ conversion rates were 63% lower than desktop viewers. Consequently, this mobile-first approach may not yield the desired results for businesses, leaving them with lackluster marketing outcomes and dwindling sales.

Introducing the QonnectoR Link by Flawless Followup

The solution to the QR code conundrum comes in the form of the QonnectoR™ Link, a revolutionary technology developed by Flawless Followup™.

This innovative system reimagines the way businesses use QR codes by generating an SMS text message on the user’s phone when the code is scanned.

All the user has to do is press send, and their contact information is captured by your Flawless Followup system, allowing you to add them to your contact list for targeted follow-up and engagement.

The Power of Real-Time Engagement with the Flawless Followup Conversations Manager

Another key advantage of using the QonnectoR Link is the ability to initiate immediate conversations with interested customers.

By generating a text message, you can engage with customers in real time inside the Flawless Followup Conversations Manager.

This powerful tool enables you to immediately answer questions, provide solutions, and offer personalized assistance, fostering a more meaningful connection with customers – something traditional QR codes simply cannot do.

Why Make the Switch to the QonnectoR Link?

Using our proprietary QonnectoR Link instead of traditional QR codes in your marketing will give you give you many benefits:

  1. Enhanced engagement: By simplifying the user experience and enabling users to send a text message with a single tap, the QonnectoR Link fosters higher engagement rates compared to traditional QR codes.
  2. Real-time communication: The QonnectoR Link and Flawless Followup Conversations Manager allow you to engage with customers instantly, answering questions and providing solutions in real time.
  3. Improved conversion rates: The QonnectoR Link focuses on capturing contact information rather than directing users to a webpage. This allows businesses to tailor their follow-up communications and promotions to better suit mobile users, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.
  4. Measurable data: QonnectoR Link provides you with measurable data that you can track and analyze, enabling you to optimize your marketing efforts and make more informed decisions.
  5. Growing contact lists: With the QonnectoR Link, you will effortlessly grow your contact lists, which can lead to more opportunities for sales and long-term customer relationships.
  6. Better marketing ROI: By addressing the unique needs and preferences of mobile users, the QonnectoR Link will improve your marketing ROI and make better use of your advertising budget.

Stop using QR codes in your marketing.

Don’t let misguided QR code usage hold your business back – make the switch to the QonnectoR Link today and witness the transformation of your marketing strategy and sales performance.

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