A Tale of 2 Business Owners

(which type are you?)

Stressed Out Stan

Poor Stressed Out Stan.

He tells himself he's a business owner, but his business really owns him.

Sales are down... Money is tight... and he really doesn't know why.

Even worse, Stan is stressed out over employee issues, supply issues, pricing issues and even stupid regulations that keep him from spending time trying to improve his sales.

He's spent a fortune on "marketing experts" and paid advertising to fill his "pipeline"... but only a few wary customers stagger out the end.

What happens to all those leads inside the pipeline?

Where did they go?

Why didn't they buy?

What went wrong?

Unfortunately, Stressed Out Stan can't track his results so he has no way to improve them.  All he can do is "Hope and Pray".

So far, Stressed Out Stan's prayers have not been answered.

What Stan doesn't know is that he is sitting on a whole bunch of "Lazy Assets" that can be converted into quick cash.

Lost customers. Forgotten products. Slow business times. Missed opportunities.

If Stressed Out Stan only knew about Flawless Followup™ he'd probably turn into "Ecstatic Stan".

Happy Harry

Hooray for Happy Harry!

The main reason Harry is so happy is because his customers are happy.

Harry uses the Flawless Followup System™ which is constantly engaged with his customers and automatically delivers them the exact  information they want, when they want it.

Harry's customers never feel pitched or sold. Which is why they know, like and trust him so much. 

Happy Harry is always at the top of their minds and they would never even think of buying from anybody else.

Happy Harry's customers even love to spread valuable "Word of Mouth" recommendations to their family and friends and always give him glowing reviews and testimonials.

Best of all, Happy Harry never has to worry about his sales and marketing. He has complete control of his business without being chained to it. In fact, most of Harry’s repetitive and tedious tasks are completely automated so that he doesn’t have to do them.

This makes Harry very happy.

Harry also gets detailed information and numbers at every stage of his process. He always knows when everything is working. And if something breaks, he can easily identify it and quickly fix it.

This also makes Harry very Happy.

But most of all, the biggest reason Harry is so Happy is because his customers spend an average of 31% more with him and come back to buy from him much more frequently.

How does Happy Harry do it?

Here Are Just a Few of the Ways Flawless Followup Takes Away Your Stress and Makes You Much, Much Happier...

Bring Customers Back to Buy More Often

Repeat customers spend 31% more on average than new customers. While many companies spend boatloads of money chasing new customers, they have "Acres of Diamonds", right under their noses that are Ready, Willing and Able to buy again, right now!

If you would like to generate fast sales by finding and "winning back" past customers, we've got the perfect solutions for you! Take this quiz and we'll send you some very innovative strategies that get you bigger, better and faster results than you ever expected.

Generate "Word of Mouth", Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Your reviews, or lack of them, is one of the driving forces keeping you from the top of the search engine results. 

Our strategies not only fix that for you, but quickly improve your reputaton by getting you more reviews and testimonials beginning on the very first day.

And if a customer has a bad experience, we have tools to help you fix that too.

Lead Generation and List Building

At Flawless Followup, we are constantly developing new and innovative ways for you to get more leads that turn into active buyers so that you can maximize your revenue and profits!

Gives You Total Control

If you're looking for ways to gain more control of your customer engagment, take this quiz and we'll send you a result showng you the power of our communication suite that automates tedious and repetitive tasks, and keeps you on top of things at all times.

You'll be shocked to discover what you've been missing.

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