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QR Code Money Makers: Transform Your Boring QR Codes Into Powerful Sales Boosters

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boost your sales with these qr code examples

If you run a business and you are looking for a fun, fast and easy way to get more customers and drive more sales, then check out these 6 exciting ideas that transform your boring QR codes Into powerful sales boosters

QR codes are everywhere. You see them in ads, on signs, on restaurant menus. In most cases, businesses use QR codes to direct mobile phone users to static websites and home pages.

But QR codes be so much more powerful than that!

In this article we will show you six ingenious strategies that leverage QR codes’ hidden powers so that you can make lifelong connections that keep your customers coming back to buy over and over again.

Tip #6: Make your QR codes dynamic and not static.

Static QR codes point to specific destinations, such as your website, your home page or your menu.

The problem with static QR codes is that they are permanent. Once you print these and distribute them, you cannot change them.

A better idea is to have your QR code point to a redirect link. This way, you can always change the target of the redirect which makes your QR code dynamic. This can save you from having to throw away thousands of dollars of printed materials should your information change.

A good example is to have a QR code for your “Special of the Day”. While the QR code itself never changes, you can change the target of the redirect to a new product or menu item daily.

Use a tool such as Pretty Links to create your redirect. Pretty Links has some other handy features. It keeps detailed stats for you and even allows you to embed tracking pixels. This is very useful if you run paid advertising and even builds audiences for your retargeting campaigns.

use qr codes to build business relationships

Tip #5: QR codes should begin an ongoing relationship, not point to a destination

In today’s crowded marketplace it is extremely difficult to capture a prospects attention. It is even more difficult to keep it. Most websites have “bounce rates” of less than 15 seconds. Which means you don’t have much time to convert your hard earned visitor into a paying customer.

That is why it is important to capture your visitors’ contact information so that you can continue marketing to them once they have left your site.

One way to do this is to use QR codes to drive traffic to a special offer on a “Squeeze Page” that contains a form to capture their contact informtion. For instance, in print ads, you should direct your QR to a squeeze to claim a coupon, instead of just giving them the coupon in the ad.

Tip #4: Always Point Your QR to “mobile first” designed pages

QR codes are designed for a mobile device. Make sure that that destination you are taking them too is designed specifically for mobile users.

These web pages should be short, legible, and contain large font sizes.

Optimized images and videos are a must, along with fast loading, big buttons with strong calls to action.

You want to give your user the best experience possible when they visit your site. So make sure that the landing page you send them to has all the above mentioned features.

use qr codes to connect to your digital business card

Tip #3: Use QR codes to connect with prospects and for networking

QR codes are great for connecting with people who may not know you. You can use them to build relationships with potential clients, vendors, employees, friends and family members.

For instance, you could put a QR code on a business card, take a picture of it and then post it on social media sites or even use it for your email signature.

Even better, use your QR code to point to a digital business card like Linq. The Linq app is a very powerful tool designed to quickly exchange contact information with your new connections. This way you can easily follow up with your new contact after the first meeting.

use qr codes to dial your phone

Tip #2: Put your phone number in your QR code

QR codes are not just for sending people to websites online. Did you know that QR codes could also load your phone number into your guests phone making it easy for them to dial and connect with you?

All they have to do is press “Send” to call you!

This is a great strategy for sales people as well as businesses looking to get their phone to ring with new prospects.

use qr codes to build your list and send an sms text message

Tip #1: Our Favorite Way to Quickly Build Your Marketing List Using QR Codes

Another very cool use for QR codes is to preload an SMS text message, complete with the target phone and keyword phrase, into your prospect’s phone. Once again, all they have to do is press “Send” to deliver your text. 

One bit of advice though, some smart phone code readers don’t always recognize these codes. Make sure you include the actual text directions in your marketing campaign.

At Flawless Followup, we have our clients compound this strategy by using QR codes to deliver answers to frequently asked questions. For instance, take a look at how this coffee house uses this strategy to deliver Wifi connection passwords to their customers

Here is why this is such a powerful sales booster for you:

  1. Your customer gets what they requested.
  2. You are now connected with your customer.
  3. You can now followup with your customer. For instance, in 90 minutes you might ask for a review. Next week you might invite them back. You can now followup forever and followup flawlessly!
  4. This process is dynamic. You can always change the link in your reply message.

There are many online code generators that allow you to customize and brand your code. You can choose any color you like and even embed your logo in the center.

Do you have a clever QR strategy not mentioned in this list? Please let us know below. We’d also love to hear your favorite tip from our list.

Use these tips today to make your QR code strategy more effective so that you can connect with your customers and grow your sales.

If you would like us to design a powerful sales boosting strategy for your company, simply txt “QR123” to 512-877-5881, or enter “QR123” in the chat bubble on our website.

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If you want our team build you a powerful QR Code Sales Booster, text "QR123" to 512-877-5881.