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Keys to 30 Years Success In Sales

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(Grab a cup of coffee because you will want to read every word of this important message where I lay it all on the line  and share with you one of my biggest keys to success in sales) 

Way back in 1986, when I barely knew what a computer was, I got introduced to a piece of software that literally paved the way to 30 years of abundant sales success for me.

In fact, discovering innovative ways to harness the power of this class of software made me a highly sought after executive; regularly promoted and recruited by various large companies in several different industries.

And when I left the corporate rat race once and for all, I turned once again to my most valuable asset to land my first 2 clients the very first day I launched my business.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about my CRM.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you don’t use a CRM and create a contact for every person you meet, Then you are letting dollar bills wash down the drain every minute of every day. 

You Will Be Shocked to Find Out Who Your Next Client Is… 

The amazing thing about maintaining a Customer Relationship Manager database is that you will be absolutely shocked at who becomes your next client. I’ve seen it countless times before. The seemingly smallest conversations turn into some of my largest clients. Casual introductions by a friend cultivate into maga-dollar deals…

And your clients think you’re amazing.

  • They’ve never met  anybody that can recall how and when
    you first met the way you can.
  • They think you’re incredibly organized because you
    have important files and notes at your fingertips.
  • And you never miss a date or deadline.

That’s the power of CRMS. 

You may have heard of Salesforce.com, which is now the 4th largest software company behind Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Not too shabby.

The reason why is because 81% of Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce.com. Another CRM called Zoho has over 15 Million active users.

Obviously larger companies have caught on to the power of CRMS. 

But CRMs do have a downside…

Even though they can be inexpense to get into, CRMS can get very pricey, very fast. That’s because you have to pay for them month after month after month after month.

Finally a good CRM sales solution for the Entrepreneur!

Not long ago I came across a very cool new CRM idea called SalesEnvy.

As you know, I’m a fan of CRM’s and this one really stood out because it is tied into Skype.

Now that’s a very cool concept, because I am personally on Skype nearly 100% of the time that I am at my desk.

When I meet people on LinkedIn, I usually connect with them on Skype. When I do business with people around the world in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, UK… We communicate on Skype.

When I’m done with a call, I copy and paste my notes into my CRM.

Guess what??!!

I don’t have to do that any more, because SalesEnvy has it all bundled into one program!

How COOL is that??!! 

But, like all CRM’s that operate in the clouds, SalesEnvy has always charged a monthly fee…

Until Now! 

Today, during this one time promotion, you can get a LIFETIME license to this incredible CRM that rides right on top of Skype!

Now is the right time to invest in yourself, your company, your future…

You’ve heard me tell you that simply using a CRM was the single-most important thing that I did in my career that has helped me successfully close deals over and over and over again.

Take my word for it… Grab SalesEnvy now.

btw: Don’t confuse SalesEnvy or CRMs with marketing automation and email marketing tools like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign or AWeber. They are different. You need a CRM, too, if you really want to improve your sales results.

Grab SalesEnvy now.

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