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Win-Back Campaign World Record: Just 49 Seconds!

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Watch this real time video, it might be the world record for the fastest customer win-back campaign ever!

Our client, SlothFit in Austin, TX took the “Win Back Challenge to bring past customers and uncoverted leads back into their gym.

SlothFit got their first “YES!’ in just 49 seconds. They went on to fill their pipeline with $45,792 of qualified prospects in less than 10 minutes!

“The engagment in the first 3 minutes was much better than I expected!” said SlothFit owner Alex Dzierbicki.

If you own or manage a business you are sitting on top of prospects and customers that want to buy from you right now. Our proprietary “Win Back Challenge!” program finds the hottest buyers and gets your phone ringing on Day 1… GUARANTEED!

Discover what a successful Win Back Challenge can do for your company and how we guarantee a 5X ROI, or it’s FREE!. Text “winback123” to 512-877-5881 or simply say “Hello” in our webchat box below.

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