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6½ Ways To Grow Your List So You Can Skyrocket Sales At The Push Of “A Button”

Getting More Sales For Your Business


  • Why Flawless Followup Beats Sales Pipelines
  • What You Will Discover Today
  • Who is Flawless Followup
  • Who is Steve Rosenbaum
  • Fastest Cheapest Safest Way To Grow Your Business
  • Are You Stressed Out Stan or Happy Harry?
  • Maximizing Lifetime Value of Customers
  • Why Flawless Followup is Different Than “Marketers”
  • Flawless Followup Success Stories
  • 6½ Ways To Grow You List
  • The 1st Way Flawless Followup Gets You More Sales

Transcript Below:

All right. Nice, nice, nice. Hello everybody. I see Cindy. I see Joseph and Patricia Leonard and Eva and Ted and Richard and PJ and Alonzo and Brian and Matt and Greg Obi and Courtney. How are you, Courtney? All right. Yeah. What is your PR? Rick Lowery. How are you? My friend. Nice to see you.

Thanks for being here. Like, Hey, you got a camera. Feel free to turn it on. We got some new people here, cause this is, this is kind of a first for me. I’ve invited people from different networks to participate and we’ll see how this goes with Dallas. How are you? My friend, bill. Nice to see you.

All right, folks. Welcome. Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. And like I said, this is, this is kind of newer than something we’ve ever done before and people are still trying and coming in. So we’ll give it a second while I just tell everybody what’s going to go on today. I’ve invited people from various networks. I’ve been very active in my local chamber of commerce in round rock,

Texas outside of Austin. And I already see some folks below everybody. If you hear from the round rock chamber of commerce, I’m so glad you’re here. I see other folks that are some of my clients and my students and bringing you all together because there’ve been so many questions about what’s happening with flawless. Follow-up many of you are seeing it grow. And many of you are seeing as we’re entering a new stage of,

you know, frankly, what I’ve been doing for the past four decades, but some exciting stuff. And my goodness, these stripes on the shirt kind of drive this camera while don’t that. But so many of you have been asking, Hey, what’s this about? What’s smallest followup all about, and that’s what we’re going to answer. Some of those questions today.

All right. We’re also going to address what’s going on in the world that we can help and how do we help with the most? So I’ve got a short little presentation for you that I, that I’ve put together at the end. If there’s time, we’ll have a question and answer. If anybody wants to say hello, if they have any questions,

maybe do a little demo of the platform, but let’s get started now. And people are still coming in. So I know Courtney you’ll help them come in, right? Everybody say hello to Courtney on my screen. He’s the top left. Courtney’s one of the key people in, in my world. He’s a masterful copywriter, a great marketer. He’s done a lot of work for me.

Some of the other key people, one person who’s not here because unfortunately he has COVID is Rob. Rob is my right hand. Man works a lot behind the scenes and just real, real, real important part of my business. And then somebody else who’s really special to me. And I think I saw her here. You’ll get to know her in a little bit.

Her name’s Patricia. Patricia, are you here? If you’ve got a camera, Patricia, put it on. I want everybody know who you are because everybody, everybody already loves you, Patricia. They don’t even know who you are yet. Oh, she can’t get video to work. All right. Well, you’re going to find out who Patricia is in a second.

All right. But many of you already know her and love her work. All right. So with that, let me go ahead and share my screen here. And Courtney, if you can help me monitor the chat, I’m not going. I’m not going to watch that. All right. I want to get my presentation up here and we will swap the presenter view and little bit.

Get it started here. Hi everybody. Is that Patricia? Oh, hi, Anna. If you could please mute. Nice to see you on a thank you. All right. Is everybody seeing my screen? Courtney, everybody. See my screen. Give me a thumbs up there, buddy. If everybody’s seen it, the fall is follow up. Are they seeing that?

Nope. No. PR yes. Okay. Here’s this week. Thank you. All right. Oh, by the way we do, we’ve got people from all around the world. Pierre is from France. Patricia is from the Netherlands. I’ve seen some people here from the UK and Australia and New Zealand. Welcome everybody. All right. Many of you have asked about this,

this image of what is this. You’ve seen it on my, my networking card here, but you can’t see it in my tiny little networking part. So I wanted to give you a big blown up view of this. And this is the master for work of my friend, Patricia. Who’s on the line here today. This is flawless follow-up folks. This is what it’s all about.

All right. And flawless. Follow-up I’ll tell you a little bit about the story behind it in a few more slides, but this is the image is, is so masterful. When I explain what’s going on here and all the different things that Patricia has put into the slide, it really explains how we help businesses and how every business frankly, could use us.

All right. And in the stresses that most businesses go through. So this is flawless. Follow-up how we help businesses. I’ll explain that a little bit more in a second, but I did want to show you that show you how great it is. I also got to print it on a, on a nice glass painting back there. It’s in my office.

I’m very, very proud of that. So what you’re going to discover today, all right. Some of you, especially some of my railroad chamber of commerce friends, I only joined the chamber of commerce two months ago. So many of you don’t even know who I am. Many of you don’t know who my company is. So I’m going to introduce you to my coupling flawless follow-up and tell you a little bit more about who I am and,

and why we’re doing what we’re doing right now. Then we’re going to talk about the fastest, cheapest and safest way to grow your business. And this applies to any business. When you see what I’m talking about, I know you’re going to nod your head in agreement. And then finally, I promised to show you six and a half ways to grow your list.

So you could skyrocket sales with the push of a button. We’ll finish up with that. We’ll also have a demo of the platform for those that want to stay. I’m going to say that to the end, because I know everybody can’t stay to the end of whatever discussion we could have that at the end as well. So, first of all, who was flawless follow a flawless follow-up is my company.

I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing my entire professional career, which spans about four decades since I got out of college. All right, working in the corporate world for about three decades as a sales marketing executive for many companies, many large companies, also some small companies and found a, a formula that works. I was very high in demand as a,

as a sales and marketing executive because I got fast results. And that has, you know, it’s, it’s the way that I got those results. That when I finally exited the corporate world, more like I was shoved out of the corporate world, but when I started my own business, I went to, I just started doing what I’ve always done for other companies.

And that’s what flawless follow-up is flawless. Follow-up is driven by results. All right, people ask if I’m a marketing company, you know, at the core of it, you might think I’ve got some similarities to a marketing company, but I am driven by provable measurable results. And that’s one thing that I know businesses appreciate. And to that end, I’ve got a mission.

My mission is a lofty one, but I know for sure this is going to happen. I’m going to help 10,000 companies make an extra million dollars each. All right. And you’ll see how in a second, I’ve already done it for many companies. Now, all I have to do is scale the Methodist proven it works. Now we’re, now we’re rolling it out in a scalable fashion.

So that’s who flawless follow-up is. Now for those of you who don’t know me, whoops, we’ll get to this slide in a second. For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve taught these concepts online for the past decade plus multiple courses that are in many different platforms. I’ve been featured in all the places that you see up above and then some,

and here’s a screenshot from just one of my platforms showing you that I’ve got 17,132 students from 155 countries in 38 different languages. All folks. I’m not saying that to pat myself on the back, but I do think it’s important that you know, that I’ve got a lot of people that utilize what I talk about and have a lot of success with it.

And also that I’ve been doing it for a long time. This is not something that’s brand new, even though flawless follow-up in its current, the way we’re going to market right now and scaling that part of it is new. But the process has been around a long time, lots of proof, lots of people all over the world using it. It works everywhere.

It works for businesses, large and small, and will be very apparent to you in a few minutes, why that is. And there’s some of the results I get. Lots of these have come in, but here are some of the results of businesses that have used these and what they’ve gotten J Harman used these with one client generated $3 million of, of upending business.

We’ve got Jamie Houston, $300,000 for one of his clients. We’ve got a manufacturer down below the generated $50,000 of new business. That’s a mark from Southern shutters, a blind she’s a local Austin. Couldn’t be made. You know him. We have another local loss and company or jewelry store that did $40,000 on their first sale. CPR sales CPR brings back past customers do business with you again,

man, they’re still coming in the door. Hi Courtney. That’s awesome. Every time you hear is somebody that’s joining us. So I apologize that it keeps coming in, but we’ve got a lot of people joining us from all over the world. All right. So that’s a little bit about who I am now. You know who flawless follow-up is now you know who Steve Rosenbaum is.

If you’re just meeting me for the first time, I did think it was important for you to know the background and how we got here. Even though I’m new to you. I’m certainly not new to the success that that we bring. So let’s talk about how we help your business. I think all of us have heard this before. This is not,

I’m not going to teach you anything new here, but I think we can all nod in agreement or give me a thumbs up. If you’re familiar with this, there’s three ways for businesses to make more money. They could raise their prices. They can get new customers, or they can sell more to each customer, which I call maximize lifetime value. Everybody in agreement there,

give me a thumbs up. If you’ve heard that if you’ve been in agreement, right. Excellent. Beautiful. All right. Now let’s just tackle the first one. Raising prices, raising prices is difficult. Number one, the market does not always tolerate it. And number two in times, especially like right now where we’ve got rising prices and inflation and,

and, and, and, and interest rates going up, raising your prices. Does that guarantee more profit? Does it? Sometimes we just have to do that to keep up with the market and there’s a short term fix it. Isn’t a long-term solution. So when it comes to ways to grow your business, this is not ideal. This in most cases,

this is not ideal. Maybe there are some in most cases, this is not ideal. So let’s talk about the other two. Let’s talk about getting new customers versus bringing it back past customers to buy again. I want to share with you some results from many studies, including one by the Harvard business review, talking about customer acquisition versus retention costs. First of all,

the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70% greater than a new customer. Okay? I’m sorry. 60 to 70% while selling to a new prospect, there’s only five to 20%. You are obviously it’s much easier and you’re going to have much more success selling to an existing customer, bringing back somebody to buy from you again. And even a referral or referral goes a long way also because you’ve got the third-party credibility of obviously so that we can help with,

with follow-up. Now here’s something else. Most people don’t realize existing customers spend 50% more and they’re more likely to try a new product. All right? So they spend more money. They try more products than a new customer. And this is one of the most important stats that you’re going to hear. And again, this is from the Harvard business review,

a very small, a small increase in customer retention goes a long way to improving your profitability, increasing customer retention rates. By just 5% can increase your profits by 25 to 95%. And you think about that. Almost every business I ever meet has excess capacity. They’ve got what I call lazy assets. They’re not put into use that’s okay. That’s not,

that’s not criticism. That’s low-hanging fruit. That’s stuff that we can get right away and we can turn it into profits. That’s what we specialize in. And finally, let’s just talk about the ways to do this. The most important thing for you to know here is that email marketing is still king. You might hear people say email, marketing’s dead. It’s not,

you might hear people say, I hate email marketing, okay. But it works. All right. And those are proven stats and it does work. The other one that works very, very well is text marketing. What we call SMS. We’ll talk about that in a second. So folks, when you look at the screen and we talk about getting new customers,

acquiring new customers, customer acquisition, versus getting past customers to come back, it’s fairly obvious and proven that it’s a whole lot more profitable to get those customers coming back, which is what we specialize in. So let’s compare them point by point, getting new customers versus selling more to each customer, okay? Acquiring a new customer. It’s expensive. You’re going to pay for lead generation.

You’re going to pay for ads or search engine optimization or content creation. But if you want to reach out to somebody you’ve already done business with it’s nearly free. The costs are negligible. You send out some messages, all right, your lack of control. You can go out there and buy leads. Most people, I know they buy leads. They hate the quality of the leads.

They can’t control the quality leads they pay for ads. They don’t know how those ads are going to perform. They try to optimize search engine optimization. You certainly don’t have control over that. Google has got control over that. Bing’s got control of that. Okay? So you don’t have control with any of those new customer acquisition models, selling to existing customers.

You have a hundred percent control. You have a list of past customers. You control the market, you control the message. And that’s where you’re most likely to have a sale. When you’re going out after new business, you’ve got lots of competition. So you know that if you do advertise, you see a lot of your competitors advertising in the same place.

But when you market to your own audience, you command a hundred percent of their attention. Getting new customers takes a long time. It takes a long time to rise above the noise. It takes a long time for them to hear your message. It gets a long time for them to know, like, and trust you. So to buy from you Going up your past customers,

you get nearly instant results. Our record is an order within six minutes of starting a new campaign, we’ve got a three-day campaign that generates thousands of dollars of immediate results. Those new customers, they don’t know you. They don’t know you. They can’t like you and trust you yet. That takes time. Of course, the past customers, they already love you.

They’ve already voted with their wallets and their pocketbooks. We’ve seen from the studies that new customers spend less past customers that should say past customer spend more. So getting new customers is risky. Selling to past customers is nearly zero risk, hardly any at all, summery, getting new customers. It’s slow, it’s expensive. And it’s risky. You have an uncertain return on investment.

Selling the past customers fast, cheap, and free is incredibly safe. You’ve got a high ROI, high return on investment and it’s measurable. So folks, when you look at this side by side, going from new customers versus past customers, I just have a question to ask a lot of folks to spend money on going after those new customers. If you haven’t yet maximize the lifetime value of your past customers,

why not take some of that money that you’re investing in new customer leads and generation. You invest that in past customer retention and getting people to come back and buy again. I promise you, we’re going to make you more money. We’re going to make it faster. We’re going to get you measurable results. A high return on investment. That’s what flawless follow-up is all about.

Let me get a sip of water here, folks. Thank you. All right. So back to our little illustration here by our friend, Patricia, who’s on the line, Patricia Vander, Hayden. She is a genius. She’s not only a great illustrator, but what she can do is take very complex processes and ideas and boil it down to a picture.

Okay. Patricia knows my process. All right. And what we talk about is we talk about the faulty sales pipeline of most business owners. You look at this picture. I called the tale of two business owners in the front. We’ve got a business owner called stressed outstand. Two could identify as stressed. Outstanding. Please let me know. All right,

in the back. Not, not quite as large, not quite as obvious as his happy haircut. All right, happy Harry, whose sales are exploding through the roof and whose customers are having a good time, no stress outstand. He’s spending all his money, trying to acquire those new customers. Just think of that list. I just showed you just a moment ago,

spends a lot of money drives. A lot of people goes pipeline. Lots of activity goes on in the center here, but hardly anybody comes out as a customer and stressed out. Stan doesn’t know why he doesn’t know what’s going on here. He can’t see the process. He can’t measure results. He doesn’t know where his system is. Breaking down. Happy.

Harry, who’s a flawless follow-up customer. Okay? Utilizes our practices. And what we do is we nurture our customers. Their flags says nurture. We engage them. We entertain them. We educate them. You’ll hear me say a saying later that I didn’t coin, but it’s so true customers. They hate to be sold, but they sure love to buy most businesses.

They try to sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. We don’t. We just show people how to buy. And it pays off in spades. Well, what will be my least favorite sayings in the world is that guy’s a great salesman. He could sell ice to the Eskimos. I think only a nasty mean spirited person. We’re trying to sell ice to the Eskimos.

If an Eskimo, once I show them where to buy it. All right. So that’s what we’re all about. So there you go. There’s our two customer stressed, outstand and happy, hairy. And there’s a two processes. We talked about stressed, outstand. All he does is hope and pray. He spends a lot of money and he hopes and praise is going to result in customers.

It doesn’t work for him and he doesn’t know why happy, Harry. It’s like a carnival. All the time. Customers are enjoying themselves. They get nurtured when they’re ready, willing, and able. They come down and they buy. And then we maximize the lifetime value. Once they buy, we just showed them the path to do it again. And again and again,

we’ve made a lot of companies extremely profitable by maximizing lifetime value, making sure that a customer buys once they buy twice, if they buy twice, they buy a third time and they also refer their friends and their family and spread that valuable word of mouth. We show them how to do that. So it happens. So we don’t rely on hope and prayer.

That’s what flawless follow-up is all about. We are a process company. We have software behind us. Lots of companies talk about the software. They talk about the feature. The software it’s irrelevant. The software is, is, is the locomotive flawless follow-up or the train tracks. You don’t want to locomotive without train tracks. I assure you. So I told you about this Jeffrey Gitomer.

I love to sing people. Don’t like to be sold with a shirt. Love to Dubai. And another saying that I love from Peter Drucker. Many of you know, Peter Drucker. Okay. He wrote some great marketing books, sales books, business books, probably back in the eighties, nineties. And he says the mark, the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous it’s to know and understand the customer.

So well, the product or self service fits him and sells itself. No sales needed. Customers hate to be sold. They love to buy. That’s how you’re going to rise above. You’re proud of marketplace because almost all your competitors are selling, selling, selling, selling, selling. We don’t. We invite people in, okay. Our message is this.

It’s not this. This is our marketing. Okay? This way folks is wet. Step right up. We don’t shout at you. We don’t shove a message upon you. Here’s one of our customers ball, blue Sindar company. As you can see, this was an article in the community impact. So many of you probably read this. He’s a local Austin cigar company,

and there should be proof for you folks because Jeff was the owner of. He was more than triple his business. And he says, the reason why he’s so successful, he was able to open up more stores. He says, no one has anything like it. And he’s talking about our marketing. He says, it’s measurable. And it’s tangible.

We have a strategy. We maximize revenue per customer, and we make his business more valuable. Now here’s the thing. That’s really neat about Jeff’s company and selling cigars and proves the point that I was talking about. Jeff would love to advertise. He would love to pay for advertising. He can’t. He sells a tobacco product. Facebook will not allow him to advertise.

Google will not allow him to advertise. He can’t do TV or radio or lots of print media. He’s got a product that is forbidden from advertising. So he cannot do traditional media, but we’ve tripled his business. And how have we done it? We’ve we’ve done it by getting customers to come back and buy over and over and over again. And we’ve done it by growing that list of customers.

Here’s another success story for you. From what we call sales, CPR sales CPR is one of the first things we’ll do. If you reach out to me today and ask me to help your company, one of the first things I’ll probably do is what we call a customer reactivation campaign or sales CPR, all right? And we will tailor this to your needs.

But what we’re going to do is send out this reactivation campaign. Now what you’re going to find out is we will produce measurable, revolt results for you at every step of the way. You’ll be able to see exactly how many people have, which means you can do calculations. This is what this client loved me. More than anything was. He could measure his results.

How many business owners out there spend money marketing, but you really don’t know exactly to the person, how many people that brought in that will never happen with us. We know that with the three-day campaign, we generated $22,089. The entire campaign took 12 days. By the time we ran the ads and people signed up and bought the products. In 12 days,

we generated $22,089. All right? He knows that those people are going to come back and buy over and over and over again. So he knows that the lifetime value of that business was $92,500. He spent $6,500 with me is ROI. Check out these numbers in 12 days, 339% return on investment over the lifetime 1423% return on investment. Now the amazing thing was,

even though this was a sales reactivation campaign, we put a viral lead generation portion into it. We generated 177 new leads for him from word of mouth. From the people that went through the campaign. He spends money on leads. He spends a hundred dollars for leads. So he told me this was worth $17,700 for him. Take a look at these results.

They’re measurable, they’re tangible. And they come fast, literally instantaneously. This is what we do for companies like yours. One more business owner in her own words, she just did a, a, a list building and sales CPR. She said she had a lot of fun. She tripled her list. She increased the traffic in her store. She had higher sales than usual during the weekend that we ran the promotion.

She had, she had a special product that she produced for the sale. She sold all, but one, I love this. She said she made her competition jealous. Her competition said that was the coolest thing I ever saw. And then she said to me, what do we do next? She had so much success. The first time she said,

what do we do next? So folks, those are some examples of how we increase your business fast in a measurable way and in a safe way. All right, let me get a sip of water here. How are we doing so far? Is everybody enjoying us? All right. Excellent. Thank you folks. Appreciate that. Thank you. All right.

Now, here’s what I promised you. Six and a half ways to grow your list. So you can skyrocket sales at the push of a button. Folks. The money is in the list. So many people are not utilizing their list the way they should. When you have a list, you literally can push a button. You can send out an email.

Many of you are here right now because you got an email from me or a text message from me or both. All right? And that’s why you’re here right now to same way. Drive sales. We can drive sales for you the same way. If you don’t have a list, folks start one right away. And here’s six and a half ways you can do that starting.

And I’m going to do them in descending order, right? The first one is not new to anybody. You’ve probably seen. This is what we call a squeeze page. And it’s where we offer something of value. In this case, I offer a book called acres of diamonds. Okay. This is all about finding those lazy assets in your, in your business and optimizing them and putting them to work.

So they create profit and ROI for you right away. So I might get online and I might do a webinar, or maybe I put up a post on social media. Or maybe if I, if I do want to pay for advertising, I do paid advertising. But the key to that is this, okay? Your call to action should not be call me on the phone.

It should not be combined for me. It should be go here and get on my list because then we can market over and over and over again. So we utilize something called a squeeze page. Somebody comes here, they click the button and a form pops up and it says, Hey, please go. Your name, your address, your email, address,

your phone number or any combination of those. And then we send them what they, what they requested. This is a great way. Tonya says, how do you start with a small list? Well, we’re addressing that right now. Tanya. We’re we’re, we’re addressing that right now. And we could address that a little bit more. All right.

Now, traditional media. How many folks here have advertised in traditional media? I mean, direct mail. I mean print, I mean magazines, newspapers, radio, TV. Okay. How many of you have advertised there? This is what 99% of the businesses advertise, save money, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. They’re doing that selling thing that we talked about,

their messages, you know, Hey, I got something to sell, sell, sell, sell. We invite people in. This is one of my clients, Castro, motor oil. This was a direct mail flyer that they sent out coupon, mailer package. They got very little response. All they kept doing was trying to sell the oil change, oil change,

oil change. He said, Steve, I hate that because Courtney, please mute. Who’s ever not muted. Steve. I, I hate that because what oil changes are profitable for me, people don’t know that I’ve got high margin service items that we perform. Also. They just think we’re a motor oil change place. Well, it takes time to get through and understand that.

But if we built a list, we could send the messages to educate them and entertain them and engage them. So they know to do things they don’t know you do. And he didn’t have a list. So we started by creating a way for people to opt in from his traditional advertising. We created a viral campaign, which we’ll talk about a, a sweepstake to contest.

I’ll talk about that in a few more slides, but this created incredible results for him. He grew his list by, I think 3000 plus people. He changed this ad, which he didn’t even know if it was successful for him. You know, he told me he got four or five people that came in, requested this oil change from the ad.

And then we ran this ad. He drove 3000 people sign up for a list. So he didn’t think anybody who seen the ad before now he has measurable results. He knows how valuable it is. So if you’re advertising in traditional media, by the way, it looks throw in their pay-per-click okay. If you advertise on Facebook or social media or Google,

make sure you are driving them to a list and capturing them. So you could market to them over and over and over again. Okay? Use QR codes. Many of you met me at a networking event and many of you know that either on my, either, either I used a card like this to scan it across your phone and pull up something like this,

or I showed you a QR code on my business card, whatever it did, it drove you somewhere and guide you to connect with me right here. Save contact. Well, folks, I added you to my list. That’s why you’re here. That’s why you’re here. All right, now, everybody else went home with a stack of business cards. I went home with an active list that I could begin marketing to that night.

I would love to do that for you and your business in many, many different ways, because it gets those fast results. QR codes should be driven to something to build your list. A QR code that just points to your website is going to fail the vast majority of the time because people only spend seconds on your website. And if you don’t capture them onto your list,

they’re gone forever. So if you’ve got a QR code and you’re just pointing at you, their website, folks, please change it. In fact, I wrote, I wrote an article on my, on my blog, what I’m calling a vanishing post because it’s going to be replaced that suite with a new post QR code moneymakers transform your boring code. You are coaching the powerful sales boosters.

If you’d like this, please put something in the chat and I’ll send it to you later tonight. Okay? And show you many ways that you could take your QR codes, do something different with them. So they make money for you. All right. Excellent. You guys liked it that appreciate that. Thank you. Let’s get back to the presentation here.

All right. Where it’s representation there? No, it’s that? Hang on folks. I lost my screen. There we are our number three viral contest. Now I spoke about that briefly. When we talked about Castro motor oil, here’s what this looks like. This is a case study I did with a client that was featured. How many of you know,

active campaign active campaign is a, is a large marketing automation company. They’ve got about a hundred thousand users and they featured me on their blog a few months ago with a case study, from a client of how we used these processes to grow their list and create sales. So we use what we call a viral campaign. We offered people in this case,

this was a, this was a pain management clinic. We offer people the chance to come out and try their services. And then when they requested a coupon to come try it out, we said, look, if you want to share this with your friends, we’ll give you a chance to win even more services. We exploded their lists. We exploded the list.

You can go to the, the blog. I’ll share that. I’ll share that link with you a little bit later, and you could read about the actual measurable, tangible results. But the reason why is because once somebody signed up the viral part of this is says, Hey, you’re in now, share it on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest. We started to see that,

but this is share it on social media. And if you do, you’ll get a chance to win a bigger prize. And that’s how we grew the list. Tanya, you asked, how do you start with a small list, do a viral campaign like this. It will explode. All right. And so in this short, short sale CPR, we combined it with a,

with a, we, we got customers coming back and then we said, spread word of mouth. What? This is is word of mouth. No valuable word of mouth is, well, we’re not hoping and praying for word of mouth. We’re putting a process in place to make sure that it happens as much as possible. And that’s where we get those predictable and measurable results.

That’s what the process is all about. All right, counting down the second biggest way. Or that’s a blog. Everybody go read that. I’ll give you the link a little bit later. I’ll follow up tonight with the notes, maybe a replay link, and also some links to some of these resources. If you want to follow up, this is a cool strategy.

People aren’t using this enough. And this is something built into our system, into the flawless follow-up system. We can put onto your website, this little help button. How many of you ever seen this help button with a beautiful thing about it? When you do it the way we do it, most companies don’t do it this way. I wouldn’t do it our way.

Somebody clicks for help. We ask you your name and your phone number and ask for a message. Well, folks, what you’re doing is you’re requesting information from us. That is an opt-in. Now we are allowed to send you the information aren’t we, you asked us for the information and follow-up information as well. So this is one of the fastest ways to grow your list.

And people love to engage this way and I’ll pay you something else. What I didn’t realize is how much businesses love this. And I want you to think about this for a second, especially in light of what’s happening right now. I’ll take a step back and just say probably for the one of the first times of my entire career. When I speak to business owners,

sales is not first and foremost at the top of their mind, it’s kind of weird. Okay? Sales is always been top of mind for business owners, but right now business owners are concerned about hiring and employees. Okay? Probably number one, which by the way, everything I’m showing you here, we have used for companies to help them find employees.

If that’s a problem for you, you know, one of the best places to find employees is your customer lists. Bobalu cigar. Many times we have gotten him. New employees by mailing goes out of customers and said, well, you love Bob. Lou, would you come like to work for us many times you’ve gotten a new employees. So if you’re having trouble finding employees,

talk to me, I can help you with that. Now that being said, many restaurants are telling me, you know, they don’t even have the staff to answer the phone right now. And when the phone rings, it’s always the same question. What are your hours? Is there a wait, do you have gluten-free on the menu? Okay. W what are the directions to your place?

All of this stuff can be answered in an automated fashion and customers love it. Customers don’t like to talk on the phone anymore, either. They would just like to text. So the cool thing is you put one of these little chat widgets on your, on your website and you do it the way we do it. And when they log, when they do this,

they’re opting into your list. And now you could follow up and message with them. If you’re a restaurant and they say, Hey, how long of a wait? You send them a response? And they ask you if you’d like to hold a table for them. And then guess what? You can do two hours later, you automate a follow-up response,

asking for a review. Hey, do you have a great time? Hope you enjoyed your meal. If not, let me know. Would you post a review for us? Okay. These are the things that we can do for you. And then finally, the number one way to grow your list that I like is with text messaging. And it’s very similar to what I just showed you.

The web chat widget. When I was talking to this coffee house, who didn’t think he had a customer list, he actually did. When we get to the one half, you’re going to learn why. Okay? But he didn’t think he had a list. Any of the chalkboard on the counter says today’s wifi password is I looked around his coffee shop.

Everybody was working on a laptop. I asked him the owner’s name was David. David. How many people here connect to your wifi? He says to me, I think a hundred percent. He says, that’s why we put that chalkboard. There was, that was the number one question people are asking me is what’s your wifi password? So I gave him the strategy as a David.

Let’s do this instead. Instead of telling people the wifi password, let’s have them text in the code, wifi just what’s happening. Now, people are still getting the answer they want. They’re getting immediately. Guess what’s happening. He’s building his list automatically. He estimates. He’s got 120 customers a day. How fast is he going to grow his list?

Even more painfully? How many, how many people did he pass up? The opportunity to grow those lists last month, when last two months or three months or four months folks, this is one of the best things you could do. Think about your frequently asked questions, whatever they are, whatever business you’re in. And instead of giving the people the answer right away,

ask them to text him for the answer or any other 10 frequently asked questions, Harry, you like that idea how buddy? And it works. Thank you, Harry. Can we ask you, Harry Harry is a magician folks. He’s a fantastic magician. He’s utilizing some of these strategies and he just sold out to have a show. So congratulations, Harry,

on that. I’ve been following you and what you’re doing. Great work yourself. All right, folks. This works, this works. It’s all in the followup. There’s a reason people say the fortune is in the follow-up. Okay. All right. How many of your curious, what do you mean by six and a half weights? Half away? What do you mean by half away?

Here’s the half folks. Your bonus tip number six and a half. Tonya probably includes you. You already have a big list. You don’t realize it, but you do. It’s another places. If you’ve got bookkeeping shop where you’ve got to listen to your book, keeping software. If you’ve got a CRM, it’s in your CRM, you’ve got a point of sale system that cash register that has no computer sitting on your counter.

You’ve got a ton of leads in there. I assure you because I’ve helped businesses have strapped them. They didn’t realize what they had. Your inbox, your social media, hard copies right over here. I’ve got a scanner. You can’t see it. It’s on my bookcase over there. I’ve got a scanner that when I come home with physical business cards,

I just put them through a scanner. Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing. In a minute, I could read 60 cards. If I had invoices that could read invoices, it even does it real good job. Recognizing handwriting. Think of that. Invoices, help desk, you name it. Focus is one of the first things that I do with businesses.

I grow their list just by helping to get the information they already have. You will hear me speaking a lot about what I call lazy assets, lazy assets. It’s low hanging fruit that we can easily turn into profit for you. That’s where my process is do. That’s why they work so well. That’s why they get you results. Almost instantaneously. We help you be more efficient.

It works predictably. It works 24, 7, 365 and it produces measurable results. That’s why my clients have happy to eight years and longer. We keep producing results day in, day out, month after month after month, year after year after year. All right. So folks, for those of you that are here, I propose a win-win win situation. All right,

we’re all going to win in this together. I’ve got very, very, very ambitious goals. You saw me say it earlier and it’s going to happen. I’m going to help. 10,000 businesses bring an extra million dollars to their bottom line. I’d like you to be a part of that. So how do we help each other succeed? All of us will succeed by helping businesses.

And I am a champion of local businesses and small businesses. I’ve worked for the big businesses too. I just love the small businesses, right? That’s I built this company to bring these processes, processes, the big companies you see Amazon doing this day in day out, right? Okay. Well, you don’t realize is you could be doing this for your business and I’m doing it in a scalable way to make it affordable and reasonable for every business.

So, first of all, I need help reaching those businesses. I’ve got a proven model that works. I need to scale. So the first thing we’re looking for, referral partners, chambers of commerce banks, accountants, get, if you’ve got businesses that are your clients, let’s help them and we’ll help each other. And I pay a nice commission and I pay a referring commission.

If you’ve got businesses, I will help your businesses and your clients get better. And I’ll pay you a nice referral fee recurring for doing that. So I’m looking for referral partners. I’m looking for clients. You can refer me to somebody. That’s okay. If you want this in your business, I’ll help you. I will help you find those lazy assets and put them to work and make money from them.

I’m also looking for students. If you want to do what I do, and you want to take this to businesses in your area, then reach out to me because that’s what I’m doing. All right. And there’s other ways as well. Alright. I don’t want to talk about the automation today, Eva. It’s really irrelevant. We’re all about the process.

This process works on all sorts of automations. I haven’t met a company yet that I can put these processes in place for it’s never, ever, ever about the software or the automation. Your answer is I use them all, but I do have my favorites. And when we work together, you’ll learn more about that. All right, folks, I thank you much for being here.

If you are any of these, if you would like my help, here’s how you can reach out to me. You can get on my calendar, meet with steve.biz. All right. Let’s Courtney, can you put that in the chat please? Okay. Meet with Steve. Got busy folks. My calendar fills up very, very quickly. All right.

And I do pre-qualify people. All right, before I help the folks that are what I call ready, willing, and able they get priority. All right. And if you can’t get on my calendar, send me a text to say, Hey, Steve, the 5 1 2 8 7 7 5 8 8 1. This may surprise you. I don’t have an automation set up for that. So if you type,

Hey, Steve to 5 1, 2 8, 7, 7, 5, 8, 8 1. You’re not going to get an immediate response from me cause I haven’t set that up. And frankly, I wanted to be able to reply to you personally. So I’m breaking one of the Cardinal sins because I like to respond immediately, but I’m not going to in this case because just by you saying, Hey, Steve, I know it’s a person and I want to respond to you personally.

And it might take me an hour. I might take me a day. Might take me a couple of days, but I will respond to you all right. Or go do what I showed you. Go to flawless follow-up dot com and enter into that Kentwood what the web chat widget. Well thank you folks. That is the end of my presentation. I’m going to stop sharing my screen here.

And if we have any question, I, Patricia is on camera. Patricia, bring up your microphone, homeplace. Okay. Can we all have a hand for Patricia and this amazing, This amazing. It’s not even all about the artwork for her to take complex processes and boil it down to something simple and understanding is amazing. Patricia, you’ve done. You’ve done an amazing thing for my company.

And I thank you so much. You, you, you really are helping people understand what we do and Patricia lives in the Netherlands, by the way, right? Patricia? Yes, I do. So you can do this in like how many different languages. I thank you, Patricia. Beautiful. Beautiful. And you really put a mark on what we’re doing here.

All right. Does anybody have any questions? I know as a, we’ve got chamber of commerce guests here. If you want to step forward, please do look. We’ve got, we’ve got a real nice crowd. I know people been coming in during the whole time. We’ve got some of my students here. How many of you bought some of my products in the past or one of my students.

All right. Hold up. How many fingers? How many, how long has everybody been known about me or followed me? Years, years. Okay. 3, 4, 5, 2, 3, 2 Tommy long time. Excellent. Excellent. Okay, beautiful. Thank you everybody. Appreciate it. Shandra. How are you my friend? Great to see you. All right. If there are any questions,

any chamber of commerce people, I’m going to put you to the front of the line, by the way, I’m very, very excited today, Sherry and I will be having our ribbon cutting at the chamber of commerce, which is that’s a, it’s a celebration of our business. We’re very appreciative and grateful for it. We’re going to have a big turnout.

We’ve already met some incredible people there and chamber of commerce. And it’s a, it’s a wonderful organization. I would encourage everybody to not only join, but participate in the chamber of commerce. It’s important. And, and business wise, it works and I’m grateful to all the folks I’ve met here. Kurt, thank you, Kurt. All right. Would I use the QR question method?

I’m not sure I understand that, Tanya, but if you want to talk about that, we could talk about that. All right. Anybody have any specific questions? Limited area where oil and gas execs are found. How do I get on their radar? Well, have you tried the chamber of commerce? Have you tried hanging out where they hang out?

Either virtually or in person? Literally every day, right now I’m spending time at the chamber of commerce and I’m meeting people and are following up with them and it’s working and I’m meeting not only people that want to be my clients, but I’m meeting those referral partners. Those influencers, people that say Steve, my business is connected with a lot of business owners and all of them need to grow revenue.

And I haven’t found one person yet that disagrees with me about the importance of a follow-up and the fact that it’s low hanging fruit for people. I’m getting notifications on my watch right now, tied into my flawless follow-up system. That’s very powerful. Cool. All right. No questions. All right. Let me scan down the list here to see everything. I’m seeing lots of folks that I haven’t seen in quite a while.

Douglas. Great to see you. My friend, I saw you with your mask. I hope you’re doing all right, Paul. Hindelang great to see you again, Paul. It’s been a while. Walt’s here wall always. Great to see you. Rick is here, Rick as well. And by the way, I can’t mention everybody, but everybody I’m so glad to hear Joseph.

Great to see you, my friend. Alright, no specific questions. Alright. One thing then I will say for folks here that are existing students and ongoing students, folks, this is this and learning and doing so much right now. Now that I have returned to Austin. And now that I’m ready to scale this business and go out and find those 10,000 clients,

all right, this is what I’m doing. I’m spending a lot of time networking. I’m using my own system to do it, having a lot of success with it. And for those of you, you know, I’ve always been a sales manager, my entire life, those of you that would be interested. I I’ve thrown this out there before. I’ve already gotten a lot of interest.

And I’m trying to think of what that looks like. But if you want help along those lines, I’m thinking about putting together a program where I act as basically a sales manager for folks to use my system, the flawless follow-up system, fill it with leads, follow up with the way that I do. And if that’s interesting to you, you can reach out to me the ways that I should.

We talked about. If there are no questions, then Peer follow-up with me directly about that. I don’t want to get into one-on-one client questions here, bill. Come on. How are you building? Hey, how you doing? Thank you, Steve. Great presentation. Thank you my friend as always. I do appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you.

All right, everybody else. Which, which was your favorite tip? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or six and a half. Who’s got half a finger chunk. Somebody’s got to have half a finger here. Somebody showed me half a finger. Perfect finger. Thanks for all right doula. But Jula. Am I pronouncing your name correctly? Go ahead. You can unmute and speak and ask your question that you love.

All right. Thank you so much, Steve. Can you hear me? I can’t thank you for being here. Did I pronounce your name correctly? Yeah. Yeah. You, at least you tried it a bit. So I was asking, although I notice it’s very, very specific and I should reach out to you personally to ask this bot, could you share out our,

these flawless follow-up system work for real estate agents or brokers? How do you think you can get them more leads and qualified leads that will return as clients become clients? Okay. That’s a very broad question and, and it could be a complex answer or, or a simple answer, but it really boils down to what we spoke about before. You know,

first of all, real estate agents and brokers, I have to know more about the business and what they’re after. Some are somewhere commercial. Some are relocation specialists, some are investors So the process is exactly the same, build your list. I showed, I just showed six and a half ways to build a list. All right, now it so happens that my first online success story in the wall street journal wrote about my wife and I back in 2007 is we sold our own house using these exact same methods.

So I know it works all right, but nothing changes that you love you, you know, you, you, you put, you put something out there, you capture and you build a list and you follow up with that list. And if you want to start with what I talk about, go back to people you’ve helped in the past. If you’re a buyer agent,

go back and ask them, are you looking to look at your list again? Do you have friends or family that are looking to list? I just spoke to a neighbor of mine yesterday and he didn’t have any intention at all selling his house. Except when he found out that he could get probably $130,000 more for his house. And he paid for it a year ago because of what’s going on the real estate business.

All of a sudden he got interested. And the way that happened was somebody reached out to him and said, you realize your house is probably worth a lot more than you think it is. So it’s the same thing. You reach out, you get somebody to detention, you find out who’s interested and you follow up process. Never changes my friend. Thank you.

Hello. Thank you so much, Steve. Thank you so much. Where are you based out of a doula? I’m actually based in Nigeria from Nigeria Here, my friend. Yeah. Thank you. Anybody else, Steve? Thanks. I see you just popped in. Great to see you, my friend. All right. Alrighty everybody. Well, if that’s the case,

I got it. I got a, an event, the chamber of commerce to get ready for it. We’ve got a ribbon cutting to get ready for it. So I’m going to go do that. Look, I ain’t got my logo shirt on. I’ll tell you what, I’m, I’m loving this. I’m loving this. This is a card people ask me for my business card.

And the first thing I do is I take this out and you’ve probably seen these online there’s many companies offer something like that. This one’s a company called LINQ L I N Q R. There’s one called Popo. And there’s others. I’m already speaking with this company about developing some training for them because they love what I’m doing and how we’ve tied it in and automated it.

But this card has a chip in it. It also has a QR code on the back. So when we’re networking with people and they ask for a business card, I say, well, we’re we’re. We do this digitally. And we have a, a follow-up system built in already. Can I scan this into your phone? They take out their phone and he can see if I hold this behind the phone.

Okay. You see that just popped up an application, just popped up. And if I push that, it automatically pulls up. I hold on. There we go. Ah, okay. Of course it wants to act up for me right now. It pulls up my electronic business card and it automatically connects with people I have there. It is finally pulled it up.

Okay. Pulls it up automatically. The blue button says, do you want to download this contact into your phone? Guess what? If they download the contact into my phone? I have automation set up that takes them from there, takes them into my flawless follow-up system. Sends out a message. Great to meet you at the chamber of commerce. Follow up with them today,

tomorrow, next week, next month, next year forever. So that’s a great, that’s a, that’s a strategy that I’m teaching right now for networking events and so forth. Hey bill, you got something else? Yeah. I just wanted to make sure everybody, maybe somebody doesn’t understand this, but if you want to save the chat, which is should to click the three dots in the lower right-hand corner and save the chair.

Thank you, bill. Appreciate that. Now what can I did realize people are loving a digital card. We get a lot of responses for it. However, the world is not ready to be purely digital yet. So I, I have also printed cards and you’ll notice by the way, I want to show you, I made a mistake. Do you feel the first cards I’ve printed?

What’s a mistake. My name too small, and the QR code is too small. So I’m throwing these cards away. I went back and did them this way. I made the QR code, huge where people can scan it from across the room and they could see my name from across the room. Okay. The QR code of course, drives people to get into a list.

That’s the most important thing. It doesn’t just take one, a website. That’s why I just wrote that article. It’s on flawless follow-up dot com about six and a half ways or six ways to, to make your, your, your QR codes make work for you near the a hundred percent of the QR codes that I see out there. I test them out.

It takes me to a website. No call action. No capture. I’m gone in 10 seconds. And so as the lead folks use those QR codes to build your list, use all your lead generation to build your list. Yes, Julie, Go ahead, Julie. You can unmute. You have a question. Let’s see. Can we help? There we go.

Let’s get that helps. Okay. Julie must be having some audio issues. Are there any other questions? Tell me you have a question. I might have one. Yes. Patricia, look, let me, let me go to Tommy first and then come back to you. Patricia is okay. Okay. Okay. Hi. I’ll just be a minute.

Thank you, Steve. You mentioned the availability of the cards with the scannable codes on them. Do you offer that through follow follow-up or follow follow-up or are you considering putting it in? Not at the moment. I will never produce the cards. Okay. I don’t want to be at that business. All right. But I certainly recommend them. It’s not about the card itself.

It’s about the process as you know. Yeah. All right. And I will tell you that next week, our good friend Karthik is basically basically releasing a product that’s almost identical to link And it will do everything except the, the radio part. And I will tell you this, the radio chip part is nice and it’s a good oh wow factor. But as long as you have the QR code,

the QR code does the exact same thing. All right. So with Karthik product that he’s releasing next week, you will be able to do the exact same thing. And, and Karthik has asked me to help him with the development of it. I’ve given him some ideas to I’ve showed him what I’m doing. He agrees that this is the way to do it.

And so he’s incorporated some of my ideas in his product. He’s, he’s developing some new features today as we speak because there’s released next week. Cool. So you’ll, you’ll learn about that. Excellent. Thank you so much. Thank You, Tony. Patricia. Yes. When you, you have the six ways to build a list. When you look at your,

at your business, is there a way to determine which to start with first for best results? Wonderful question. You, you know what? I, I just, I, I address it with whatever situation I’m in. Okay. I look at this thing. Look, I’m a baseball fan. I don’t know. Probably not. Everybody’s a baseball fan here.

Okay. But, but you know, in baseball you have a pitcher and a pitcher throws multiple pitches. He throws up a fast ball. He throws a curve ball. He throws a slider and a sinker, and he uses whichever pitch is the right pitch at the right time. All right. And I kind of look at it the same way. These are just all tools in my tool belt,

and depending on what I’m doing and all the factors, and it’s not a science and there’s no right or wrong. If you don’t at least with the picture, if he throws the wrong pitch, he’s in trouble. Okay. That’s not the case here. All right, you can’t be in trouble. But the worst thing that happens is you don’t get the results you want.

Then you re then you, you got some results. I assure you. And then you go back and try something else. I hope That answers your question. Yes, it does. But look, the two, I did them in descending order. Okay. I will say this. I will say this, the business has changed. You you’ve heard me say a million times over the years,

technology changes nothing, but it approves everything. So the process has never changed. It’s still all about the list that has never, ever, ever changed. What has changed is how easy it is to build your list today. All right. 10 years ago, when, when I first started taking on clients, it was a tedious manual process. We,

we built apps, I’ve got a picture and it may have even been in this presentation of Bobalu in 2013 or 2014, I had somebody build an app for a tablet, for an Android tablet. So he could Mount it onto his countertop so he could capture people’s email addresses. All right. It was, it was a tedious process and we spent thousands of dollars to do it.

You don’t have to do any of that today. Okay. He can get it from his point of sale system. He could, he could, he could put, by the way, this is the same thing. That’s, that’s also a radio-controlled diff they also have these for retail. So retail store could take one of these radio disk and put it on their counter and they could say to their customer,

Hey, are you on our mailing list for your phone up against this disk? And it copies them into there. Okay. So it’s the same technology. So the, the, the tech, the tech, I’m sorry, the process never changes. The technology makes you a better, faster, cheaper all the time. Okay. Thanks. Thank you Patricia.

Anybody else? Let’s keep traveling. Hello, buddy. Hello. How are you? My friend. Pretty good credit. Can you hear me okay? Yes, sir. Good, good. I’m starting a Google review business and I have what you just mentioned. I have a business card and the, with a QR code on it that sends it right to the website.

And I just see there’s the two R code, but I, I just heard your advice on instead, send them to a mailing list, which is a great idea, but I’m not sure how I would go about doing that. You know, what would I offer as a lead magnet to get them on my list? All right. So you, you,

you know, there’s so many, you know, a, you, you could, you could make a video about five reasons why Google reviews are important for five ways to get more Google reviews. Okay. And, and, and, and then there’s a call to action. And if you want help doing any of these five, call me, that’s what I do.

Right. So it could be simply like that. But it’s exactly. Look at this, this, the zoom is full today. Okay. It’s exactly what I did. I put out, I put out some QR codes. I put out some links. I did some, y’all just talk to people and just said, look, I’m going to tell you six and a half ways to build your list.

At the end of the day, Steve, what am I doing? I’m introducing people and tell them what I do. And if you need help with any of those things, feel free to join me. And I told you who, my ideal partner was referral partners or a client or students. Okay. Those are the people that are here today. You do the exact same thing,

Steve. Okay, great. Appreciate it. Absolutely. Alrighty. I was a little bit late today, but I’m glad I popped on. Thank you, my friend. I will send out a replay later. All right. I appreciate it. You might get an email from me, maybe. Okay. Anybody? Believe that? Maybe you’ll get an email.

All right. Well, I’ll work for the replay. Thank you, buddy. Yep. Alrighty. All right, everybody. I’m not seeing any more hands going once going twice. All right, everybody. I love you all. You know, I want success for you. Let’s go help those businesses, those businesses, they need our help. Who’s going to help me.

Who’s going to help me get 10,000 businesses to make an extra million dollars. Who’s going to help me. Yeah, let’s do it. Okay. Let’s do it. Let’s do it together. All right. They, they need it. They deserve it. We need it. Right. We need them to do it. Oh, Michelle got in under the gun.

All right, Michelle. I see ya. The laughter heals network. I love that, Michelle. I didn’t really have a question. I was just raising my hand because I want to help businesses. Join me. Welcome aboard would love to have you be part of it. All right. Thank you everybody. Thank you, Michelle. Good luck to you.

I love laughter heals network. I just love the sounds of that already. All right, everybody. Thank you for being here and have a wonderful day. Go out and meet some businesses today. Okay. Go out and meet some businesses today. You have knowledge. It will help them, whatever you do, whether you do flawless follow-up or whatever you do.

The fact that you’re here today, you know, more than they do and they need and want your help. Believe me. They do. Every day I spend with them. I know that to be true more and more and more and more love you all have a great day. Bye-bye.

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