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5½ Fast Ways to Build a Massive Customer List

Getting More Sales For Your Business

Sell to “anybody, anywhere, anytime”
Discover why having a clean responsive customer list can increase your profitability by up to 95%.

You’ll hear from a business owner that credits his customer list with transforming his business and literally saving his business.

You’ll also discover 5½ strategies that you can implement this afternoon to start building your customer list without spending a penny more on pay per click or hit or miss SEO tactics.


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  • What You Will Discover Today
  • Take Control of Your Business
  • The Fortune Is In The Followup
  • Explode ROI on Your Ads
  • More Proof This Works
  • 5½ Ways to Grow Your List
  • Magic QR Code Video
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Transcript Below:

Welcome everybody. Hey, how’s everybody doing? It’s Steve Rosenbaum here. Let me know. You hear me? Let me know where you’re listening from. Let me organize my windows a little bit here so I can see the chat, by the way, you know, we’ve got a lot of folks here who may not be used to go to webinar since a lot of people are using zoom these days.

And we’ve got a lot of business owners, people I’ve met from the chamber of commerce. I see. Y’all welcome here. I’m so glad you’re here. People I know from BNI, from networking, from all over the place, as well as the people that know me from my online teaching and everything else. If you’re not used to go to webinar,

it’s a little bit different. You don’t see everybody’s chat. I see the chat like, Hey Lori, I just say, I see that Lori just said, hello to me. How are you? I’m so glad you’re here. I see Tim. I see Sunil. I see. Hey, there’s my buddy. Ralph. I’m so glad you’re here.

Rob is here. Paul is here. Moses is here. It’s a big list folks. I, I can’t possibly say hi to everybody, but I’ll just say hi everybody. I’m so glad you’re here. All right. Hey, Gary’s good to see you. Can I, can you elevate me? Oh, that’s Rob. Hang on a second. Let me,

let me elevate Rob here so he can help me with the chat here. All right. All right. Now is everybody seeing my screen? Yes. Say yes. If you’re seeing my screen and hit that chat. So, you know, you know, okay, good. So you know where it’s all at? All right today, folks, you are here because I’m gonna teach you how to grow a list.

I’m also gonna let you know why it’s so important to have a big list. So I expect, I plan this. I’m I’m hoping to go about an hour and hour tops, but frankly, I’ve been putting so much content in here. We might go a little bit over, but I want you to know I’ve saved the best, the best at the very end.

You’re going to want to stay to the very end. In fact, I made a little video for you. Everybody’s wondering what do you mean a half? Well, you’re gonna learn that at the very end and I made a little video to show you because the half is the coolest part. It’s the coolest part. And I made a video about it.

All right. So stay to the end here. We’re gonna try to get this done in about an hour, and you’re gonna learn how to grow a big list, but we have to put it all into context first, because you have to know why is it important to have a list? All right, why is it important to have a list? So,

first of all, let me share with you what you’re going to discover today. I’m gonna show you that having a list is going to help you take control of your business. And of course, why that’s important, right? We’re also gonna talk about the follow up. That’s why I name my company flawless follow up it’s because the fortune is in the follow up and you’ll see exactly why today.

And if you advertise my friend, Lori’s here, she’s gonna love this. She loves to rip me about this because Lori has a great service. She sells advertising. I make advertising better. So when I work with Lori hand in hand, then our results for that business are even better. Ads are great, but I’m gonna show you how to explode the return on your and your investment in advertising.

How’s that sound is, is that okay, Lori? Right. I wanna make sure that I don’t offend my friend, Lori here. Lori’s service is great. Anybody has advertising is great, but don’t you wanna get a better return on that advertising investment return on ad spend, as they call it, we’re gonna help you with that. Right? And then finally,

of course, we’ll share with you that big list, the five and one half ways to grow your list. So you can skyrocket sales at the push of the button. Now you don’t see what I see here on the back end. I see a lot of people here. I see people from all over the world, people that I know in person right here in Austin,

Texas, and people that I’ve invited here. And here’s the thing. I only let people know about this two days ago, but you know what? I didn’t spend a penny on paid advertising on pay per click on SEO or any of that. But there’s, today’s registration 5,587 people, you know, where those people came from. You know how I got the word out about today’s webinar?

It’s from my list. Okay. I don’t do a lot of paid advertising, but I have built a big list over the years, frankly. It’s much bigger than that. But what I want you to know is that is the power. When I decide, you know what, I wanna share something with people. Guess what all I have to do is send out a few emails.

And here we are today with a worldwide audience, people here that wanna learn how to grow a list, because I was able to take control of my business. So who’s impressed by that. I don’t say that to brag, but you know, and by the way, I love feedback. So when you hear an aha moment, do me a favor and say,

aha. And when you say see something, you absolutely have to have in your business. You call me out. You say, Steve, I want that in my business. I’ll go through the chat afterwards and I’ll find it and I’ll contact you. Okay? You let me know, because today we’re here to help you. When you see something you want in your business,

you let me know. How’s that sound all. There we go. Hey sand, thank you. Sunil says he passed it along to someone who thought could benefit. Sunil. I appreciate that. Very, very, very much. Thank you for sharing that all. Now, if you don’t know me, but you do know me cuz you’re on my list.

This is just a, a little bit of the, the testimonials that I get on a regular basis from businesses that have used my follow up to help them all. I’m not here to brag about it. I just want you to know I’ve been doing this for years. I want you to know that this stuff works and it works for businesses of all types and all sizes.

That’s why I get testimonials like these. And you also need to know that I teach a whole lot. These are just some of my courses on the left side of my screen. And here are 17,132 students represented here from 155 countries. I just want you to know that I practice what I preach. And I just want you to know that I’ve helped businesses of all types,

of all sizes, of all kinds, big and small mom and pop public corporations. My first company I helped was, was a division of 3m, right? The second one I helped was a small, independent jeweler. I’ve done everything in between. So if you’re wondering, will this work for your business? The answer is yes. All right. I promise you.

It will reach out to me. We can discuss it. I’ll let you know how Paul says. Aha. What was that about? Paul? Thanks so much be that’s beautiful and aha. Right off the moment. That’s one. All right. Excellent. Now let’s talk about taking control of your business and why that’s so important. Just this week. A friend of mine,

his name is Sean sent out an email with this. Okay. Now Sean works very hard at building his audience on Facebook. Who’s on Facebook. Say Facebook, if you’re on Facebook and if you promote your business on Facebook and if you’re trying to build an audience on Facebook, put Facebook in the chat, let me know or put FB, anything like that.

Right? Thanks Brad. Brad’s in there. Paul’s in there. Okay. Lori. I bet you are. Hey, there’s Mandy. Hey Mandy. Great to see you. Charise is here. Awesome. Great to see everybody. All right. We’re all on Facebook. Right? Of course we are. Well, my buddy, Sean logged in and this was just a few days ago,

logs into Facebook. And he says, we’ve suspended your account. Your account is not visible to Facebook and you can’t use it. Boom. Sean would be out of business. Yep. He got banned. Facebook in their generosity. Gives him 30 days left to disagree with the decision I can let you know from other people I know that have gone through this.

It usually doesn’t end up well. And it’s really frustrating cuz they don’t tell you anything. They just want you to tell them what you think you did wrong and how you’re going to fix it. All right. And if you happen to figure it out, by reading all the small print of their terms of service, then they may let you back in.

But just know this online. You own nothing. By the way, it’s a dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty trick. But many people turn in their competition. They just, they just say to Facebook, they report somebody say, look, he has crossed the line because the terms of service right now are so huge. You would need an attorney to go through it,

right to go through. And chances are, you might be doing something that crossed the line. I know somebody who happened to use the, the term realtor and he shouldn’t have used the term realtor. So guess what? Boom. He was banned shut down. He had a group of 30,000 people that were real estate professionals, but he made the mistake of calling them realtors and a realtor complained because it’s a trademark and they shut him down.

It’s very easy to accidentally cross the line. And it’s very easy for your competition to tell on you, to tattle tail on you. And that’s what happens. And it’s not just Facebook. It’s also LinkedIn and it’s every social media platform. So do I say don’t use social media. Of course not. You should absolutely use social media, but what should you do with social media?

Who thinks who’s got an idea? What I think you should do on social media? What should, what should be the number one thing you try to do on social media? Who knows create a brand, says Brad, Nope. Engage says, well, not quite. I want you to capture them. I want you to put them on your list.

Yes, Garris, you should post, but the whole point of the post should be, get them on your list. That’s exactly right. Use social media. Get those eyeballs capture. ’em put them on your list. All right now. So you don’t own anything on social media. That’s important. Now let’s talk about also taking control of your business.

I wanna share with you a success story. This is my buddy, Jeff. He owns a Bobalu cigar company. He’s not just my buddy, he’s my client all these years. And when I first met Jeff, this is what his business looked like. He had a very small list of 658 people. These were his customers of those customers and Jeff sells cigars.

So you know thing about his cigars, you buy it. And what do you do with a cigar? When, when you buy it, you smoke it right? And it’s gone. So if you’re cigar smoker, you probably want another cigar. Right? Well, the problem with Jeff’s business was 80%. 80% of his people only bought cigars once from him.

Only 20% ever came back to buy either a second time or three times or more. All right. Only 20% out of the 658, right? What does that mean? 80% of the people won and done. They were, they were out in a very short time. We nearly five Xed Jeff’s list from 658 to 3,104. But guess what else we did look at these numbers here now where he only had 20% repeat before he had 45% of a much larger number.

This tripled his business. Jeff took control. He built his list and it tripled his business because he got more repeat business. Does that make sense? Do I have an aha moment there? Big, big, big right there for you to understand the huge impacts that a small change has in bringing customers back to buy from you again. Jeff even told me,

right? Well, I jumped ahead of myself, right? Let me tell you about something. This, this actually took place here. I was once in my backyard, one evening happened to be sitting on my deck, happened to be smoking a Bobalu cigar. And Jeff sends me a text message. It says, Jeff, he says, things are slow right now.

Go nuclear. Now I knew what he meant go nuclear. And I said, okay, what he wanted me to do? He wanted me to send out an email. So look at this. What is it? It’s 6:00 PM. Maybe it’s 7:00 PM. I put together an email. I send it out. Look what happens to his sales immediately. Boom,

just like that go nuclear. I send out, I send out an email. We get a huge number of sales. Jeff sends me another text that says, thank you with a smiley face. And I say, you betcha Jeff, no problem at all. That’s taking control of your business. You can only do that. When you have a list,

you can’t do that with SEO. You can’t do that with pay per click. You can’t do that with any other form. Except when you take control and have that kind of power, who would love to have the type of power in your business, put push button sales in the chat. If that impresses you, if that’s something you want, if you want me to follow up with you after the chat and talk about how do we create push button sales for you?

Let me know. All right, good rash, Brad, beautiful. Keep, keep ’em coming. Mandy, beautiful Mandy. We’re on our way. Mandy’s already a flawless follow up customer. We’re on our way. We’re gonna create push button sales for her. So here’s what I wanted to tell you when COVID hit. Every cigar store in the country was shut down.

But Jeff, guess what? We had a huge list at that point. Didn’t we, we built a huge list. Nobody knew that COVID was coming. Nobody knew the lockdowns were coming. We’d never seen anything like that. But every cigar store in the country was shut down, including Jeff. You couldn’t go into Jeff’s store and buy a cigar, but what could we do?

We could send out an email. And so we did by now Jeff’s list was up to 25,000 people and we sent it out. We said, Hey, you can’t come buy a cigar from us, but we can ship cigars to you. None of Jeff’s competitors could do that. Jeff absolutely stall market share from all of his competitors. He called me up just a few weeks after the lockdowns,

he says, you saved my business. I would’ve gone out of business when COVID hit. Now, we’re having our most profitable months ever. The store was closed. Nobody could come in. He could ship cigars. He, he absolutely ran circles around his competition. He, he, he absolutely grabbed market share that wasn’t available to him before, because he had control of his business during a lockdown.

That’s an aha moment says, Mandy, you betcha. All right, absolutely saved his, his business. Now that’s not the only business that we got great results because of COVID all that COVID is the best example we know of why you need control of your business. Now, if you know the company called active campaign, active campaign is a huge, huge marketing automation platform.

They probably have more than a hundred thousand people using their platform from around the world. And I was quite honored that active campaign featured me on their blog. They wrote this article and a case study that I did about how after COVID I brought back business to one of my clients. This is a different, this is a different business. This is called Texas cryo works and wellness center.

You could read this blog post by going to active campaign. And Searchie on my name, Steve Rosenbaum. You’ll see it all right. But what you need to know is once again, we took control of the business. We went out and brought people back because we had that list. The important thing folks is take control of your business, have that list,

do it. Now do it. Now the, the right time to build a list is before you need a list, do it right now. And this just shows you a little bit more about what we did. We sent out this, this, this awesome email sequence and this here, one of the huge benefits of, of using flawless follow up marketing,

the way that we do, we get measurable results. We know exactly. Look at this. We know how many people came from referrals. How many people shared a link? How many people opened the confirmation with this type of measurable results? We always can improve it. There’s, there’s a, there’s a big saying in what I do. All right,

and it’s this, if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Many people have that problem. Many people, they cannot measure their marketing right now. Not in terms of knowing exactly where what’s happening and what’s getting the result that they want. We know everything, and that’s why we can always improve it. There’s another aha moment. Hey, appreciate that.

Very, very much. All right, now here’s why it’s really, really, really important to take your bus control of your business. This is the national Federation of independent business owners. The N F I B, you can go. I think it’s N F I b.org. Every single month. They post a report about the sentiment of small business owners.

And this is one of their most recent reports. The small business optimism index index is way, way, way, way down, who feels that who’s in business and is a little concerned. Just say concerned if you’re just a little bit concerned about what’s going on in business right now. Right? All right, because you are not alone. You’re not alone.

You need to know, look at this 89% drop 3.6% to just 89.5%. One of the lowest it’s ever been what’s that say below the 48 year average of 98, my God. So businesses are really concerned. Why are they concerned? I talk to businesses all day long and use it used to be whenever I talk to business owner, all they could think about with sales now,

that’s not true. Now they’re worried about prices. They’re worried about inflation. They’re worried about employment, right? Finding help. They’re worried about all things. They’re worried about the supply chain. They’re worried about the price of gas, the price of fuel. They’re worried about the rent, all these things right now, we have some of the, the highest inflation,

the biggest inflation growth, a rate of increase we’ve had in years and years and years. And this is a huge effect. And if you are just a little bit concerned, then now’s time to take control of your business. Build your list. Now, once again, I’m gonna say, when you want my help, you put it in there. You say,

build my list. I want help. Just say help. And I will reach out to you if not today, then maybe early next week. Okay? I want you to say help. If you want help in your business. Paul says interest rates. Absolutely. Right. That’s what has us all concerned? So folks, lemme get a sip water here.

This is what we’re talking about. Why it’s important to take control of your business. All right. Are we on the right track? Who’s enjoying this on a scale of one to 10. How are you enjoying this? Let me know. And I know I’m talking fast because man, I got so much to cover. I know I got so much to cover.

All tens. Paul gave me a nine. Somebody gave me a nine and a half. Paul, let me know what I’m missing. Right? If I only got a nine out 10 Paul, let me know what I’m missing. All right. Appreciate that. All right. Now the importance of follow up it’s because the fortune is in the follow up.

Here’s why Paul says, just kidding, dude. You just don’t like being called out Paul. That’s why. And then I got another Paul. He, he said he gave me a 10. I got, I got a lot of Paul’s on today. So Paul Paul number one or Paul number two was feeling a little guilty about the other Paul. All right.

So here’s why the fortunes and the follow up. Okay. Here’s a study from Drayton bird. Drayton. Bird is a, is a, a world renowned author, a sales consultant. He did a study and he says 88% of all companies. They never follow up more than three times. They never follow up more than three times, 88%. Now here’s another study by the sales and marketing executives club of Los Angeles.

They asked a bunch of people, Hey, when do you buy something? When does it happen? 81% of them said after the fourth contact, you guys, you guys see a little bit of a disconnect here. 81% of all sales happen after the fourth contact. But 88% of all companies never follow up more than three times. Is that a little bit of an issue?

Do you think? I think it’s a massive issue, right? It’s also a massive opportunity. If we follow up, if we follow up fast, if we follow up frequently, it’s a massive opportunity. Now. Here’s why sales don’t happen right away. Here’s why, because this is a typical marketplace, a typical marketplace with people going through that decision making process,

starting over here. When they first discover they have a need, then maybe they wanna do some research. Now, people that are what I call ready, willing, and able RWA stands for ready, willing, and able, all right. People that are actually ready, willing, and able to buy right now, it’s only three to 5% of any marketplace.

And I really don’t care if we’re talking about cheeseburgers or we’re talking about Cadillacs. I even, I even have had clients that sell a hundred thousand dollars parts for oil rigs. Okay? It’s always the same. It’s a small percentage of the market that is really raising their hand right now and saying, yes, I’m ready, willing, and able to buy right now.

So you need to know that if you are out there, you’re putting your message out there. You need to know that 95 to 97% of that, of that marketplace is not ready, will enable. They may just be discovering the need. They may be doing research. And let me, let me illustrate this another way. And I got my numbers a little bit different on this slide,

but let me, let me draw you out. What I call my football field. Here’s my football field. And let’s say that three to 5% other people are ready, willing, and able to buy right now. They are, they are. Yes. Right? And then we’ve got on the opposite side of the football field, the other end zone.

We’ve got the no people, these people three to 5%. They are just no flat out. No I’m not ready, willing, and able to buy right now. Or I’m not gonna buy ever. Right? I don’t like you. I don’t like your product. I don’t like your haircut. I’m not interested. Take me off your list. I get that.

By the way, I send out an email. Some people say unsubscribe, that’s okay. They’re a small percentage. They’re less than three to 5%. All right. What’s that leave in the middle. That leaves 90 to 94% in the middle. Now here’s the thing. What do you think is gonna happen if you don’t follow up? If you, if you just expect these people to remember you,

what do you think is gonna happen? Are they going to remember you? Chances are, they’re not right. If you don’t follow up, they’re gonna go towards the no end zone. Aren’t they? But remember your competition. They’re not following up, right. At least 81% of them. So yeah, you’ll be forgotten. Says Mandy. Absolutely. Right.

So guess what? With flawless follow up, we made sure you do follow up. You follow up. Now you follow up forever. And that’s why we get the yeses. You see folks, your biggest opportunity to grow your sales is right here. It’s in this huge pool. That’s 90 to 94%. Your problem is not your pricing. Your problem is not that somebody had a bad experience.

Your problem is none of those, your problem is people forget, we’re getting out. We’re getting bombarded by thousands and thousands and thousands of messages today. Even if we have the best intentions we get overwhelmed and we forget. And that’s why the follow up is so important. You have to follow up to get the yes. Does that make sense? If that makes sense,

let me know. And I’m still looking for those ahas and I’m still looking right. When you want this for your business, you let me know. All right. So that’s why the fortune is in the follow up. So let’s talk about that. How do we combine follow up with your advertising? Who pays for ads here? In fact, do me a favor here.

I’m the only one that sees the chat here and Rob who works for me. Okay. Rob is, is my associate. He works for me. We are the only two that sees the chat. Nobody else sees us. If you pay for advertising of any kind, please let me know what you pay for month. I will not call you out by name.

I just want to know who’s advertising here. And I’d like to get an idea of what your ad budget is. Okay? And, and by the way, let’s, let’s talk about not just advertising. Let’s talk about all marketing. Let’s talk about if you pay for search engine optimization, if you pay for pay for click ads, if you pay for social media,

if you’re posting, if you have somebody doing Instagram for you, let me know what that, what that budget is for you. Okay? Because I will show you how to increase that. Now here’s the problem. Here’s the problem with most ads. That’s what most people see. And by the way, this is just a small, small representative representation,

right? There’s a ton of ads out there. And my goodness, they all look alike. Now I have people, friends that I know, very, very, very good friends of mine that are in their advertising. They say my job is to get eyeballs. And I agree with that. Advertising gets eyeballs. The problem is a lot of people are competing for those eyeballs.

And the other problem is we get overwhelmed and we get distracted. And as we talked about, we forget. And so even if I happen to notice, oh, good guys, pizza. Oh, I really feel like pizza. Guess what? A minute from now, the light’s gonna turn green and I’m gonna put down my phone and go forward. And I’m gonna forget that.

I felt like pizza. All right. The ad did its job. It got my eyeball, but it didn’t get the sale. Did it? No it didn’t. And the problem with eyeballs, you can’t take eyeballs to the bank, not without getting arrested anyways. All right. So what I do, what I do is I take those eyeballs and I make sure that the eyeballs connect to the brain and send the message to the brain.

Hey brain. Tell the hand, go down into the pocket, take out the wallet, take out the credit card and let’s buy something. That’s what the follow up. Does the follow up? Make sure that the eyeball actually gets the message to the hand gets the sale because you could take the sales to the bank. It’s the follow up. Remember the fortune is in the follow up.

Advertising’s great. It will get you eyeballs. The follow up will convert those eyeballs into money in the bank. Who agrees with that? Who disagrees with me? You you’re free to disagree with that if you like, but let me know. It just makes sense. Doesn’t it? It just makes sense. I agree. Says Brad. I agree says Mandy.

Absolutely. Okay. Alright. Here’s somebody says I stopped all ads. I, none of them was working well. I’m not saying you should stop all ads. I think ads are important. And one of the biggest issues, people stop ads. They may be working. They don’t realize that. And I won’t call you out by name, but I know who you are hun.

And you’re a good friend of mine from BNI. You’re gonna see a slide here that might change your mind on that because I think ads are important. In fact, here’s a slide right here. See, this was one of my clients. His name was Castro, and this is what’s called a Valpak coupon. Do you know what a Valpak coupon is?

Right? Do you get those big blue envelopes in the mail? And they have all these, these coupons in them, right? That are ads. Well, this was one of my clients and he was sending out these ads in Valpak every single month. And he didn’t think that many people were seeing them. He said, he’s told me, he says,

these ads aren’t working. I said, how do you know? He said, because only a few people bring those ads in every month. All right. And besides that, they don’t, you know, he said, besides that the, the product I’m advertising on there is very low margin products. I’m not making any money. So the few people that bring ’em in,

I don’t, I don’t make any money. He said, I’m hoping that they come back and buy some of my more expensive, my more profitable services. But they don’t. I let ’em know, Hey, here’s one of the issues. You can’t measure it because you don’t know Mr. Castro, but that Valpak came. And I actually took out your coupon and I wanted to use it.

And I actually put it up on my refrigerator with a magnet. The problem was, I forgot it was on my refrigerator, even though I looked at it every single day. And now it’s there. The expiration is eight months ago. Okay. So I had to throw it out. But the thing was Mr. Castro, you didn’t even know I did that.

Did you? And he said, well, of course then how would I know that my coupon is on your refrigerator? Duh. I said, exactly, exactly. That’s the problem. You can’t measure it. You can’t measure it. So let’s do something we can measure. So I said, let’s have a stronger call to action. Let’s not make the call to action.

Hey, come in and buy something from me. Let’s have the call to action. Something that gets people onto a list. Because if we get people on a list, we can measure it. And if we get people on a list we can follow up, then we can let them know about your more profitable and higher margin services that you want. Right?

He said, absolutely. So he had almost no list. At this point, we changed his Valpak and we used something called a viral contest. Remember this viral contest, many of you’re gonna want a viral contest in your business. And you may tell me that you won a viral contest and I’ll I’ll, I’ll help. I’ll help you with that. When we’re done here right now,

he put a viral contest on his Valpak. It used to be, just get a cheap oil change. He didn’t like that. Instead. We said, Hey, would you like to win a $50 gift visa gift card? He said, I’ll give away a $50 visa gift, gift card. And so he did that and he put it on here.

And then we drove people to a viral contest. Well, look what happened, 12,541 visitors. Mind you, this is, this is many months, okay. This is not all in one month. You can see that here. Okay. 12,541 video of, of people came there. He didn’t think his ads were working. He said he almost canceled his ads.

I didn’t think they were working. I said, yeah, but now, you know, they are working right. But not only that go do this 3,465 leads. What does the lead means? Who knows what a lead means? Who knows what that means? The lead means. We capture the contact information. We got them on our list. Now this was what we called a viral contest.

We actually had people share the leads. My friend Sanil is here today. And he said, Hey, I shared this link with somebody. And I really appreciate that sharing the, the, the link is important to us. It’s word of mouth. It’s the best form of advertising. Word of mouth. Isn’t it exactly right. So we had people share the lead and look at this 21.5%

of, of the traffic and the leads were referred. We actually got more, we got a compounded return on his advertising. This is how I make all advertising better. Number one, I could show people, your ads are working. You might not think they are, they are number two. We’re gonna build a list. And when we build that list,

we’re gonna be able to follow up. And you know why it’s important. Who knows why it’s important to follow up. It’s a word that starts with four and ends in chin. Okay. Does that make sense? All right. The fortune is in the follow up. That’s why it’s important. All right. Now we got people to share word of mouth,

even though only, only this many eyeballs saw the ad. These people shared it with their friends and we got even more eyeballs. Our follow up actually got more eyeballs. All right, this is why we make advertising better. Now there’s an ROI. Now we know, oh, I spent this much money. And I got this many leads. And you even know how many of those people came in and bought and how much they spent.

We can measure that, right? If we can measure it, we can improve it. And you can see constant improvement here. How about an aha moment? Does that make sense? Why advertising is so much better when you capture, when you follow up from this moment forward, your focus should be not and trying to make a sale from your ads,

your, your focus on your advertising should be to grow your list. Then take your list and make your sales. That should be a big aha moment for everybody here. In fact, the great Dan Kennedy says the creation of marketing sequences. Let’s parse that. What does marketing sequences mean? It means follow up. Doesn’t it? Because a sequence is more than one.

Isn’t it? Remember my ducks in a row there. Alright. So what Dan is saying is follow up rather than just a single message is responsible for making millions and millions of dollars for my personal clients, who are his personal clients, his personal clients are small businesses, just like you, right? Businesses, small businesses, big businesses. Let’s reread that with my words,

using follow up, rather than just a single message makes millions and millions of dollars for businesses. That’s what I see in that statement. There’s another aha moment. Beautiful, beautiful. Love it. All right. So folks from this point forward, if you want to explode your ads, do this, don’t do this. All right. This means have a call to action,

a call to action that brings people into your list. And remember the importance of viral list, viral list, grow things even more, all don’t do the same type of, of, Hey, buy my stuff. Ad that every single person is doing advertise is important. Just do it differently. Do it in a way that does what gives you control all about control.

All right. All about control. How many people have coupons that look like this on the refrigerator right now, or stacked up on their desk intending to use ’em but you never do. I get it. That’s why flawless follow up works so well. All right, now here’s more proof you saw. You saw proof earlier, you saw Bobalu more than tripled his business.

You saw bringing back customers to COVID for Texas wellness, where they’re right here as well. Here’s Alex zer, sloth fed Jim. We ran a win back challenge, which was just a follow up campaign and got our first yes. In just 49 seconds. Folks, this stuff works fast when you reach out to somebody and we don’t just use email. We use text messages.

We use all types of stuff. We get results. We get them fast, 49 seconds. What other marketing can you do? That gets results like that. If you’re not using flawless follow up, you really should be. Now here’s my, my friends. This is from the owners themselves. Follow flawless, follow up, did an amazing job. Getting us new sales.

Over 78% of our appointments purchased new services from us in the first three days alone, 78% conversion rate. Remember we talked about advertising. What kind of advertising is converting at 78%? I will take your advertising and I will make it more effective. If you spend money on ads, I’ll help you make it more effective. Let me know we’ll help you.

Here’s Susie. Susie says we tripled our list and we had one of our best days ever on our very first flawless follow up promotion. Very first, remember this works fast. Susie had more great quotes. She said, this is Susie. She says we had a ton of fun. When we did our, our contest with flawless follow up, we tripled our list.

We increased our store traffic. We had one of our busiest days ever. We had higher sales than usual. She had a special giveaway and she sold all of those. But one I’m sorry that wasn’t even a special giveaway. It was a special item on sale. She sold all, but one her competition called her and said, what the heck are you doing?

This is fantastic. She made her competition jealous. And then her only question for me was what do we do next? I love that question. What do we do next? If you’re a business owner, I promise you. That’s what you’re gonna ask me. Wow. That was fun. What do we do next? Aha. This says Mandy. Fantastic.

I love you, Mandy. All right. So there we go. Who agrees that now that it is really, really important to have a list. In fact, I want you to let me know. When you came in here, I’m gonna ask you to gimme two numbers here. When you first came in today, how important did you think it was to have a list?

Give me that number and then gimme like a slash and then say now how important do you think it is to have a list? Like if you came in and say, ah, I don’t have a list. I didn’t think it was very important. So it’s a two, but now I see what you’re talking about. It’s an absolute 10. Then gimme a two slash 10.

Let me know. Let me get a sip of water here. Let me know what you’re thinking. Ah, Charise. I love it. I love it, Kevin. Awesome. Mandy. Awesome. Laurie, love it. Garish. Fantastic. Alright. I’m seeing six to 10. I’m seeing nine to 10. Kevin’s having trouble with the math. All right.

So awesome. All right, beautiful. Who’s ready for the five and a half list. You ready put list. If you’re ready for that list, you wanna know what are those five and a half ways. Remember I save the best for last. And it’s a video. I, I made a video for you this morning. It took longer than I expected.

Cause I, I did some fancy editing and stuff like that. Just to put some highlights to let you see things, but I made a fun little video. You guys wanna see that video? It’s coming up at the very, very end plus, of course I’ve got some specials for you. You ready? Who’s ready. Here we go. Here we go.

What a crowd here today. But it keeps growing. People are asking me, is there gonna be a replay? Sure. We’ll give you a replay. You know what? You’ll have to. If you wanna see the replay, you know what you gotta do. Hang, you gotta get on my list. Cause I’m gonna send out an email about the replay.

All right. If you’re not on my list, I’m gonna give you an opportunity. By the way, if you wanna play along, take out your phone, I’m gonna give you a QR code to scan, but understand this. I may do a live well, let me ask you this. Who wants to see a live demonstration of how cool this is?

All right, but here, here, here’s a caveat with that. If you play along at home, you need to know if I show a live demonstration, people will see your contact info. They will probably see your phone number. They will probably see your email address and they will probably see your, your, your name. Okay? So if you wanna play along at home,

just first of all, tell me you’ve got my permission. I’m just gonna tell you that there will be a recording of this. If you play along at home, I’m not gonna be able to blur out everything. So just know that you, you know, if you play, then people are gonna see your contact info. Alright. I don’t think it’s gonna be a big deal.

I don’t think people are gonna harass you or hound you, but if you’re concerned about it, then just watch. You’re still gonna have a great time. Okay? You’re still gonna have a great time. So get on your phones because I’ll show you why in a second here, five and a half ways to grow your list. So you can skyrocket sales at the push of the button and folks it’s easier today than it ever was before.

And it so happens that everything I show you, we can do for you inside flawless follow up. So when you see one of these things and you want it, you say, Steve, I want that. Tell me what it is. Number one, the missed call text back. Now this is, this is important for businesses that are busy, okay?

Which are busy, right? Right in the word business businesses that are busy. Did you know that 62% of all calls go to, to small businesses. They go unanswered. And that comes not for me folks. I didn’t make that sta up. That comes from four 11, locals.us. They did a little study, yada yada yada, all right.

62% of calls to small businesses go unanswered. Will you think about that? Maybe you have a hair salon and if you’re cutting somebody’s hair, you can’t answer the phone. Maybe you’re a landscaper. And if you’re, and if you’re pushing the, the lawnmower, you can’t answer the phone, right? Maybe if you work at a bank and you’re speaking to somebody and somebody else calls in,

it goes to voicemail. Maybe if you have a restaurant and you’re taking a call from somebody else and something else comes in, it can’t get answered. Right? 62% of small business calls go unanswered. So guess what we have, what’s called a missed call, text back. What do you think we’re gonna do? If, if John DOE calls in we’ve captured his phone number,

we now have him on our phone list. So we follow up with a message automatically. This is built in a flawless, flawless, follow up. Sorry. We missed your call. How can we help? We’ve built him on the list. It’s it’s one of the best ways I know to get somebody on a list simply by a missed call. So as a business owner,

you could stop being tied to your phone all day, by the way, customer satisfaction increases. Because even though they didn’t get a response or they didn’t, you didn’t answer the phone, you didn’t just send them to voicemail. You actually engage them. And you know what? Most people like using chat and text today, even more than talking, all right,

customer satisfaction increases. You can now track and record what’s going on. So, you know, remember we talked about advertising, tracking your advertising. You know, what’s working, you could turn your phone calls into text conversations and all the con all the conversations come into what we call the control center. That’s inside a flawless follow up. I may show you what that looks like.

And it’s included when you get flawless, follow up. That’s what we call your power suite. Okay? This is included. So there you go. All right, now that’s number five. The missed call text back. And by the way, if you want missed call, text, just say, missed call in in the chat box. And I’ll follow up with you about that.

Now here’s something that’s been around for ages and many of you know this. So this one, isn’t an aha moment, but you still should have it. If you don’t any advertising, you do at the very least sent people to what’s called a squeeze page. Here’s a squeeze page, right? Hey, a squeeze page usually has a giveaway. What we call a lead magnet in this case,

it’s a report. How, how to turn your point of sale system into an ATM cash machine. How business owners can increase sales in three days or less using information they already have in their point of sale system. It’s called acres of diamonds. If you want this report, you would click here. And if you click here and you can’t do that right now,

folks, because this is a presentation, not a website, but if they click here, guess what happens? I capture the website information. Now we also use what’s called an exit. Pop-up and let me demonstrate what an exit pop-up is here. Let’s go here. Let me show you a website here. Here’s a website that I built for. Guess what?

A cigar company and watch what happens if I go to leave? Here’s my mouse. If I go to leave, watch what happens. Boom. That’s called an exit pop. Hey, before you go, would you like to win a free box of cigars? Ah, pretty cool. Right? Pretty cool. That’s called an exit pop. Most people don’t have that.

You should have that. All right, by the way, here’s what a squeeze page looks like. Notice this banner at the top, got this little jiggly button to get your attention. A contest. We talked about the imports contest. People love contests. Hey, we give away a boxes of guards. Every single month enter to win. This takes people.

Guess where to a squeeze page. Here’s a squeeze page. Enter a win of free boxes of guards. Enter. Now, guess what? We capture the information. See that that’s how a squeeze page works. So Mandy, anytime you wanna know, how do you capture people? We drive them to one, any one of these, any one of these to capture them and get them on a list.

Right? Just make sense. Right? All right. So if you wanna squeeze page or an exit pop for your business, you let me know. You let me know. We could help you with this follow up. That’s number four, number three, I love this, the web chat. Now this is the front page of flawless follow up. And you see at the bottom right hand corner,

it’s the help bubble. It’s the help bubble. If people want help, they click on that. And when they click on it, it expands and it says, Hey, if you have a question, give me your name and give me your phone number. And we can answer your question. What do you think happens when people give me their name and their phone number?

What do you think happens? Exactly. I capture them onto my list. Oh, beautiful. Beautiful. That’s exactly what happens. It’s one of the fastest and simplest ways to grow your list. And like I said, people right now, they love these chat bubble. They love, they can do it from their phone. Many people they’re on their phone.

They hit that button. They say, okay, let me just, you know, type that out. Here’s why I got restaurants. Right. And what restaurants do, they’ve actually designed their top 10 list of questions. Cause they know what it is. The first one is what are your hours? Right? The second one is, where are you located?

The third one is you have a gluten free menu. So guess what? They follow up right away. And they say, Hey, sorry. Or, or this case, the web chat comes up. They get the name and, and, and, and, and phone number there. They send back a text message and say, Hey, by the way,

here’s some most popular questions. If you want any of these, just pick a number. Number one. Do you wanna know our hours? Number two, do you wanna know where we’re located? Number three, do you wanna know if we’re have a gluten free menu, just hit one of those numbers and we’ll follow up with you via text. People love that.

And now they’re in your system. You’ve captured them. You could follow up. So a top 10, a top 10 FAQ list for your web chat is a beautiful thing. It’s a great way to build a list and customers love it. If you would love a web chat, let me know, put it in the, in the chat bots here.

And I will follow up with you. All right. We talked about viral contests, many, many, many, many times. And, and I gotta tell you, it’s one of my favorite things to do. This is what a viral contest looks like. You saw the results with Castro. You saw that 21% of their leads came from the referrals.

Well, we built that into the contest. Now you’ve seen me have contests say, Hey, get a free box of cigars. Hey, get a, a visa gift card. What happens on the back end is this. When somebody enters a contest, right? This is the first, this is the entry. The next thing says, Hey, if you share our contest on Facebook,

that’s Facebook on Twitter, on Pinterest, via email, share them any of these ways. We’re gonna give you more entries in the contest. In other words, you’re gonna have a better chance to win because it’s a weighted average. If you share, we’re gonna give you bonus entries into the contest. People love this. Wow. All I have to do is share this on Facebook and I might get 10 extra entries in the contest.

Yes, that’s the way it works. Then guess what? Their friends, their family, they see it. It’s that word of mouth. They see it on Facebook and they enter the contest. You with me, this is why viral contests explode your list. Now for my friends that spend money on advertising. Imagine this because this is what Castro did imagine.

If now you take your ad and you advertise some sort of a contest. You can give away your product. You can give away a gift card. You can give away dinner for two. Anything people love contests. They love to play. Now imagine that you take your ad and you don’t just say, Hey, come buy my stuff. You say,

Hey, we got a contest. Come enter to win. And when they do that, you say, look, if you share this, we’re gonna give you more entries. Your ad ROI is going to explode, going to explode. Mandy says viral contest work. I’ve increased my list three times with my giveaway. I love it, Mandy. Fantastic.

And Mandy’s got a big event coming up this month. We’re gonna make sure she’s she’s well taken care of for that, by the way, for, for those of you that are local, I’m just, I’m just, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna let everybody know. Liberty dog, R rtx.com. Did I have that? Right? Mandy li Mandy runs Liberty,

dog, dog treats the best tasting dog track treats. And I know because I sampled. No, I’m only kidding them. Okay. Liberty dog. Barkery Liberty dog. Barkery. And put your website in there, Mandy. And we’re gonna share it in the chat, the chat, because if you’re local and you have a dog, or if you have a friend who has a dog treat them.

Right. Okay. Get them some, get them some treats from Liberty, dog. Barkery all right. She says, I’m ready to go nuclear. Hey Robert, are you still with me? Can you copy that? And put it in the chat please? All right. All right. Now, viral contests. They’re huge. So let’s go down to number one.

Number one, text to list, text to list. Now, by the way, folks don’t use that. Don’t use QR code. I got a different one. I’m gonna share at you in a second than I want you to use. So don’t I know he said, get ready. That’s not the one. All you can use it, but that’s not gonna do what I want you to do.

Build your marketing list using QR codes. Now here’s another client of mine. Dwell house coffee. Great coffee right here in they’re in huddle, Texas. Right next to round rock. Right next to flu. Fluger right by the HEB there. Go see my friend, Dave at the dwell house. All right, now here’s the thing, Dave. I walked in and I noticed everybody had their computer up and everybody was on the internet.

And I asked Dave, I said, Dave, how many of these people are using your internet right now? And he said, all of them. And he had a chalkboard and it says, here’s our password. So I said, well, let’s do something, Dave. I got an idea. Instead of just giving people the password. What if we make them send you a text message for the password?

And let’s change that chalkboard and say for today’s password, send a text message. This is a sample. Obviously send wifi to 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5. All right. What happens now? All those people that are using his wifi, what is, what does Dave get out of it? There’s an aha moment from Mandy. What does Dave get out of that he wasn’t getting before?

Bingo. They’re all on his list. If you have a restaurant, if you have, if you have a dog Barkery, if you have a, a hair salon, if you have a cigar shop, if you have a, if you have a motor shop where, where people are waiting for their car to get serviced and you’re giving them wifi, don’t just give them the password.

Put up a sign that says, send us a text message and we will send you the password. Boom. Boom. Is that aha moment for anybody? Is that aha moment? Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. All now’s ready to play. Who’s ready to play. Who wants to see a video? Who wants me to play the video?

All right. All right. You guys ready? All right. Let me start this video. I’m gonna show you the half. All right. Here’s the half. And I call it the magic QR code. And here’s what it looks like. Now that QR code works. And you’re also gonna see that in the video. If you wanna play along at home,

take out your phone and scan that QR code. And you’ll also see that QR code in the video. So you’ll have some time here. All right. You guys ready to see the video? You wanna know what a magic QR code is. You wanna know the coolest, the simplest, the fastest way to grow a list in the history of mankind.

And I’ve worked a long time to perfect this. You guys ready? Every single one of you’re gonna want this for your business. And this is my friend, John, by the way, we could even use this on LinkedIn. John. John’s a LinkedIn guru. All right. Ah, look, people are doing it already. Laurie just did it.

My phone’s beeping. That means people are doing this all tell Laurie’s doing this. All right, here we go. Folks. Here’s the video who, yeah, you guys hear my phone? You hear my phone? That that’s people playing along already. That’s how fast this works. All right. Now, let me play that video for you. Let me hang on.

I gotta find that video. Here we go. All right. Let me show you one of the coolest features about flawless follow up. And I think the absolute fastest way to build a list we call it text to list, and we’ve got a special way to do it inside flawless follow up that nobody else is doing. Take a look at your screen.

You’re looking at what’s called the conversations manager. This is a great, great system within flawless follow up because all your communications and I’m talking about your emails, your text messages, your Facebook message, chat, your Instagram direct message, your Google chat. They all come into one place. They’re tied into your contact. You always have a history and you only have one place to look for messages and you even get those messages on your phone,

but let’s go here over to unread because I want you to see a message as it comes in. Now, here’s what I do. I put out a QR code. It’s a very, very special QR code. It doesn’t take people to a website. It actually sends out a text message. Here’s how it works. Let me pull this up on my phone.

All right. So when I’m networking, this is how I do it. People ask me for a business card and I say, well, I’ve gone paperless. Why don’t you take out your phone and scan this QR code? And I show it to ’em. I actually have it on my watch. I have it on my phone. I also have it on my paper business cards,

by the way, this would work even for an advertisement in a, in a magazine. All right, just put out a QR code that looks like this. Now with my over here, I’m going to scan with my phone there. You see, I have the QR code and I’m going to press it on my phone. Look what happens. It pulls up the messaging app and on the messaging app.

Notice one thing it’s already prefilled to Steve Rosenbaum. Now my phone knows who I am, but this has the phone number. That’s my phone number for text messaging tied to flawless. Follow up. It’s your marketing phone number also noticed it said Steve BI biz card. That’s what we call the keyword. And now watch what happens here on the back end.

Well, look, what’s happening inside. Flawless. Follow up. I tell this person, Hey look, all you have to do is push that green send button. Now I’m doing this on an iOS. An apple is where it’s an Android too. Look what happens inside a flawless follow up. Now I captured the phone number and the keyword and look,

I’ve already sent a response message. Now let’s see if I get the response message on my phone. There it is. Hey, it’s Steve from flawless follow up. May I send you an intro email with my contact info? What is your address? Now? What you need to know is I’ve already captured you onto my list. You are now in an automation in a workflow.

Again, this could be, somebody has seen an ad or somebody you’re connected with networking. All right? And now you can follow up forever. We’re following up right now. We could follow up tomorrow next week, next month, next year, follow up forever. I’m already asking them a follow up message. May I send you an intro email with my contact info?

What is your email address? Well, people are gonna respond to that. Aren’t they? So on my phone right now, I’m gonna type my email address. Okay. I sent it and look, the system received it. Also watch what happens here. If I go to, to my contact record, watch this email, which was blank. It magically gets filled in.

See that it’s filled in right now. I’ve done it. I’ve built my list. I’ve built both a phone, text messaging list, and I have built an email list. People did that they opted in. So now I may send them follow up information. Hey, can you please gimme your first and last name and company too? All right. And in just a second,

you’re going to see it right here. Let’s refresh your screen. You see I’ve already got it on the phone so we know the system got it and sent it out and it says awesome. My, and then I’m sending the message. Awesome. Here’s my digital business card and calendar lake looking forward to seeing you look at that. Awesome. So I now have everything I can now take the phone.

I can now take the name, right? I’ll just copy my name right here. I’ll copy it once I’ll paste it, that there and I’ll paste it here and let me get rid of my last name here. Let me get rid of my first name here. All right. Look at this. I built a record without, I didn’t need a landing page.

People didn’t have to fill out a form. They did this magically on their smartphone. It’s the absolute fastest way to grow a list by the way, let me take my company name right here. All right. And I’ll go over. Let me save this first. I did that. Let’s go over here. General info, put the company name. I now have a complete record without making my customer fill out a form.

They love it. They think it’s magic. And now you could follow up today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year forever. That’s what we always say. You could send them the information you think you’ve got all that information on your website, but they’re not reading your website, but now we could send them a little bit at a time.

People are consuming information in seconds. These days they’re not reading lots of things. So send them a little bit today. Send them a little bit tomorrow. You get how that works. Isn’t that super cool. Let’s go back to our conversations manager. Look, we’ve got a full record here, starting just from a phone number. Now I got the name.

Now I got the, the phone number. Now I’ve got the email address. I have got a full record. I’m building my list. I could follow up forever. This is gonna make your networking much more effective. This is gonna make your advertising much more effective. Now, when you send out an, when you post an ad in a, in a,

you, you pay for an ad in a newspaper or pay per click advertising. You’re not just capturing eyeballs. You are building your list and that means you’re getting money in the bank and it’s all measurable. So there you go. That is the fastest way. That is the quickest way. That is the easiest way I’ve ever seen to build a list.

And you’re building both a text message list and your building an email list, and it’s gonna make your business much more profitable because you’re gonna be able to make sales today. And in the future, from this point forward, this should be the focus of your business. Everything you do should be designed to grow your list. And if you want help with that,

just call us a flawless follow up. And we will set up our magic text to pay QR code system for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. All right. So right. Hearing me again, let me know. You could hear me again. What do you think of that video? What do you think of our magic QR code? What do you think?

Pretty cool. Right? Pretty slick. Right? All right. Now, how many of you’re gonna change the way you use QR codes today? Don’t use a QR code to send somebody to your website. They’re gonna bounce off your website and leave in no time. We need to capture them. Use that QR code to capture people into your list and follow up and follow up.

If somebody asks you a question, don’t just give out a link to your website capture and then send them the link to the website capture first capture. First folks. When you use social media, don’t just give a link to your website, give a link to something that’s going to entice them to get on your list somehow some way Sherry says, wow,

brilliant. Thank you, Sherry. You made my day. I appreciate that. Thank you. So, so, so, so much. Oh, Sherry, just think I know you’ve got a golf outing coming up. If we didn’t just, if you didn’t just miss it, but anyways, let’s do this. Sherry. Let’s do this for your business.

It’ll be great for your business. Right? All right. Now, where are we? Where are we? Let me get back to my presentation here. Let’s see where we are. So folks grow your list. These are always that I built into that cigar shop platform. By the way, I could do this for you. I could build something like this for your business and have all these ways to build your list.

That’s what flawless follow up is all about. Let us do it for you. Let us put all these. You don’t have to choose which you could have them all. Let’s build that list every way you go. We could do squeeze pages. We could do exit pops. We could do text to, to, to the list. We could do the missed call,

text back. We could do the web chat. We could do the banner and viral contest. We do it all. And then guess what we could do. We could do winback programs and get customers to come back. We do it all for you. That’s where flawless follow up is all about, because remember the fortune is in the follow up. Okay?

Hey, we’re at the top of the hour. I’m winding it down right now. Here’s the beautiful thing on the, on the, the cigar shop. Okay? And this just take, take out cigars and insert your product, whatever your product is, even if it’s dog treats, okay. Even if it’s a nonprofit organization, take out what the cigar and just picture your product right here.

Know this. When you meet somebody for the first time, when somebody sees your ad, when somebody sees your pay per click, when somebody sees you, because you came up top on, congratulations on Searchie know optimization and people found you, it should be the beginning of the relationship and not the end of the relationship. And if you don’t follow up folks,

it’s gonna be the end of the relationship. The only way to make sure this is the beginning of the relationship is to capture them and to follow up. Because if we capture them, guess what? This is what I built for the cigar people in the first month, we’re gonna send them a beautiful little email newsletter, and it’s gonna be fun. And it’s gonna be entertaining and educational by the way people think,

man, if I send out messages, people are gonna think I’m spamming them. Well guess what? No cigar smoker in the world is going to be upset by these messages cuz these messages are they’re they’re they’re great. Looking. They’re sexy. They’re they’re educational. They’re fun. They give them tips. How to get that perfect burn. How to use ashes to determine the quality of your cigar.

Look, the pictures look great. The people look great. The cigars look great. If you’re a cigar smoker, you look forward to this every single week. Now, every single month. Now, guess what? So we capture them with any of those five and a half ways or more. We capture ’em on the list. Month one, we send them this in month two.

We send them this month, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. We have a full year of follow up already planned, already planned just by capturing them on the list. Remember it’s the beginning of the relationship, a full year of follow up. But who, what do you think happens after the end? What do you think happens after message number 12? Who wants to take a guess?

What happens after message number 12, we go right back to the beginning. We go right back to the beginning. Now what have we created? We’ve created an endless loop, an endless recycle. And nobody’s gonna be upset at you because they see a message from you once a year. Nobody’s gonna say you sent me that message last year. Nobody’s gonna do that.

All right. But now we catch capture them at exactly the right time. And by the way, notice one thing, every single message. See that little blue line there. You know what that blue line is? It’s a link. It’s what we call a call to action. So you say, Hey, I don’t wanna spam people. Are they gonna think I’m spamming?

Because I’m selling them stuff. No, you’re educating. You’re entertaining. Three E folks, our messages are built to do three things and they all start with E we educate, we entertain and we engage. People love that. They look forward to our messages. And then by the way we say, Hey, if you like some more cigars, let us know.

We’ll send you some, nobody looks at that as spam. Nobody looks at that as a pitch because we’ve entertained. We’ve educated. We’ve engaged them. Does that make sense? Yes or yes. All right. So that’s just the beginning of the relationship. So folks, here’s a big success tip for you. If you don’t think you have a list,

if you’re in business, I bet you do. I’ll help you find it. One of the first things we do when you engage with flawless, follow up. When you hire us, we help you with what we call the revenue, maximization audit. And you know what? You’ve got a list. We’ll help you put it together because you’ve got people in your bookkeeping software.

If you’re using QuickBooks or anything like that, you’ve got people there, right? Let me know everybody. Let me know where you’ve got people already in your business. If you use CRM, you’ve got it. If you’ve got a point of sale system, you’ve got people in your point of sale system. How about your calendar? How about your inbox?

How about social media? How about hard copies? Anybody got? You know, how about who’s got business cards. They’d like to scan. Who’s got past invoices. They like the scan. All of it’s got data on it. How about business cards? Invoices. Who’s done trade shows in the past and you’ve got a list of trade show people, right?

Who’s gotta help desk a support desk. When you bring us on board, we will help round up. We have found people lists of thousands and thousands and thousands of people that they weren’t talking with yesterday. And they start talking with today. That’s exactly how Alex got his first response in 49 seconds. He already had a list. He didn’t even realize it.

We found that list. We sent the message. Boom, got a response in 49 seconds. That’s what following up flawlessly can do. That’s our proprietary system. All right. So if you are ready to follow up flawlessly, here’s what I want you to do. If you’ve already scanned the QR code, by the way, we’ve run outta time here.

And I’ve decided I’m not gonna show people’s names. We did. We got a lot of people that opted in. It looked like about, oh man, I lost count on the phone, but you heard the beeps going on. Lots of people opted in when we were doing this. Here’s what I want you to do. If you want this for your business,

you could even put it in the chat, put hashtag RMA because that’s the, the revenue maximization audit. If you would like us to come and help you, help you build that list, put hashtag RMA in the chat box or send us a chat right now, scan that QR code, which is that phone number right there. (512) 877-5881 type Steve biz card.

And once that kicks off type hashtag RMA, once we’re connected, just type hashtag RMA. Now, as I record this right now, it’s the end of the week. It’s Friday. We’re we’re I I’m wiped out folks. So I’m probably not gonna follow up with you today, but you know, my system has got you. And you know, you’ll hear from me at the beginning of next week,

right? We will of course follow up flawlessly. If you have any questions and none of that, you can’t do that right now. Just remember go to flawless, follow up.com/support. If you go to there to the support, put in the ticket, Rob and I, we will follow up. There’s my friend, Lori giving me a hashtag R O a RM,

a Mandy. We know we’re, we’re already working on things with you all, anybody else, if we’re not doing business right now, I sure like to, and you’ll sure like the results I promise you that I want to thank you, everybody appreciate that very much. Help me out here on a scale of one to 10, did we deliver today?

We promised you five and a half ways to grow your list. We promised to teach you, what did we promise to teach you? What were the three things we showed you? How to take control of your business? Did we show you how to take control of your business? If so, let me know. Did we show you why the fortune is in the follow up?

If so, let me know. And what was the third thing I promised? Help me out here, folks. What was the third thing I promised? Take control your business. The fortune is in the follow up. What else did I promise? What was the third thing? Oh, explode your ads, right? Explode your ads. Did we show you that?

Alright. We delivered on all three things. Didn’t we I’m getting all tens, 10 pluses and twelves. Thank you very much, everybody. I love you. I want success for you and your company. Give us a ring of flawless, follow up. Let us help have a great day, everybody. Thanks for being here. Bye.

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